The story of the Kuan Yin channelings may have begun when Ms. Lees prayed to a beautiful stone visage of Kuan Yin. At the museum with her husband and children by her side, she suddenly gravitated to a room boasting an impressive display of Asian shrines and statuary. Drawn to a particularly striking sculpture of Kuan Yin, Lena believed the statue was comforting her, speaking to her. Beseeching Kuan Yin, she and her family asked for assistance with the many challenges they faced ahead.

Several years later; making a hypnosis appointment with me, Lena found herself engaged in an ongoing conversation; channeling the words and spiritual canons of the ancient Asian deity.It became clear that Kuan Yin was using Lena to pass extremely important information onto me and that I was to teach others how these laws would help them achieve spirituality and success in life.

In “You Are Eternal: Kuan Yin’s Universal Truths”, the deity enumerates not only Her interpretation of the Laws of Attraction and Reincarnation; but also twelve other Universal Laws. Integral to all of this are personal reincarnation patterns. However, throughout, Kuan Yin reminds us that there is no real beginning or end: only the above dynamics that will determine the nature and quality of a life. The deity proclaims: “Learn from the Elders, those speakers who came before me. Come to know the basic universal principles. Be open to new learning opportunities.”

What indeed are universal laws? Providing frameworks for understanding personal reality, universal laws are those underlying Constants creating the known and unknown realms. Therefore, the Kuan Yin Universal Laws apply no matter where we physically incarnate or what paradigm we have created: “You must acknowledge and experience this part of the universe,” explains Kuan Yin. "Prosperity can happen at any time. I want to give you everything that you need.”

It’s one thing to be presented with life-changing instructions from a world-renowned deity—that She has provided a framework from which we can choose to live our most expansive lives. It’s quite another to realize that many of these universal laws are likely scientifically provable through understanding the nature of the mind, quantum physics and the Multiverse.

Humanity has (through the channeled information of extremely intuitive beings), periodically attracted crucial information to assist in understanding the nature of personal and mass reality—that we are eternal, spiritual beings living a human existence. Her profound spiritual teachings Kuan Yin has helped loosen the Gordian Knot of our entanglement with reality. According to Kuan Yin, the laws of attraction and karma will determine where and when one will reincarnate. This information is critical as it could prevent repeated incarnations into limiting realities of our own karmic making.

There are stories of young children remembering the highlights of other realities (incarnations). Some might insist it is only because a child’s flesh and bones are new that a child heals so quickly. Another hypothesis is a more esoteric approach: that because children have recently incarnated (and still retain a trust and closeness to the universe), their life force is less encumbered by the “artificial burdens” (Kuan Yin’s terminology for limiting beliefs and emotions) that one may encounter while living an earthly existence.

Accumulated ‘artificial burdens’ from past incarnations on earth can create a profound spiritual quandary that we then return here to heal. The driving component behind many of these burdens is dualism. There is the pervasive belief in good versus evil for example. There is also the fearful belief in death, which can prevent us from fully experiencing our lives.

And while someone’s innate being containing these ‘informed-particles’ could brim with karmically-stifling traits and tendencies, information that potentially limits someone’s evolution can be reprogrammed through focused intent. You may believe that you are trapped in the mirror of your existence. Yet visions and dreams of the multidimensional self constantly allow you to go beyond the boundaries of waking consciousness to seed new, expansive realities:
Once I dreamt of a friend who’d been childless throughout her life and who was now deceased. We seemed to be on a train in the middle of nowhere as she stretched out her arms, begging to receive my infant son (from my present life) who I held close to my breast. At that moment, I could feel in my own arms this woman’s intense longing to bear a child. Awake, I knew it was this strong desire creating the magnetism for the law of attraction; whirling someone into yet another parallel life.

“Many don’t live up to their full potential because they’re afraid of death. I want to emphasize here that only the body dies. People get too attached (to their physicality). But, they have to. One’s consciousness must be fairly strong in order for the soul’s desire to continue… Unless one fully experiences their humanity, one will have to experience earth again and again. One will have to repeat the lessons offered here upon the earth. It is possible that one need not have to reincarnate.”-Kuan Yin

Belief in dualism creates stark divisions: humanity versus nature, male versus female, good versus evil, life versus death. In fact, language is riddled with words, definitions and symbols originating from a belief in dualism. Such diametric oppositions can perpetuate a mixed and unpredictable ‘bag’. Agreeing, Kuan Yin maintains: “As dualities are built into your language, you may think that just because there is an absence of good, for example, that evil exists. This is not so. In fact, things are far more intricate.”

For example, someone might be momentarily comforted by their tentative belief in good. If they also have a belief in evil, any sudden disturbance can further reinforce this unhelpful mindset, tipping the balance. Indeed, the more one justifies their belief in evil, the more deeply limiting psychological and eventually molecular, imprinting can occur.

This could attract various real world misfortunes and ‘foes’. The conundrum is that the more persistently someone opposes the perceived setback, the more they give energy to the original belief in evil:

“Just let the mind go and look at a flower. Parents are god-like in their power over children. Your parent’s lives were also lived in fear. However, there are realms where there is absolutely no fear. In such (divine) realms, realization is complete. Fear is completely absent from these realms. On this earth where people can feel so separate, there does not exist a feeling of Oneness. I know ultimately nothing can harm or destroy you. Fear comes from not knowing the entire truth.”-Kuan Yin

Reference: You Are Eternal: Kuan Yin’s Universal Truths

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