There are sixteen lessons to the law of success that one needs to know.

Lesson one introduces the proverbial Mastermind which is one with a mind that has shown great development from working in unison with two or more individuals to accomplish a certain goal. Real power is organized, intelligent thought.

Lesson two urges that you find your own innate talents and organize them to put to good use the knowledge born of experience. It shows that the main cause of perpetual failure is that one does not have a definitive aim in life and is unable to set and accomplish goals.

Lesson three stresses the importance of confidence in one's self and that if you believe that you can achieve something, then you can but first you must rid yourself of self confidence's worst roadblock-fear. Fear of criticism, old age, and loss of love, illness, poverty and death. Combating ignorance is the only way to quell such fears.

Lesson four introduces the idea that saving one's money greatly improves one's likelihood of future success and that you must stop bad habits such as over-spending. Self discipline is key do not let your material desires control you; they will only keep you poor.

Lesson five is that you must show initiative and leadership qualities and relentlessly fight to achieve your set goals.

Lesson six stresses that imagination is key in the obtainment of success, that daydreaming can lead to concrete ideas and future beneficial actions.

Lesson seven speaks of something everyone should have-enthusiasm. It is what arouses one to take action and make sure that they finish any given task with zeal.

Lesson eight is the all important self control. Self control can direct your enthusiasm in a very positive way and lead to good things.

Lesson nine encourages you to follow your passions, there is great quality produced from work that one loves and enjoys doing.

Lesson ten emphasizes the importance of a pleasant personality. You know that old saying "You catch more flies with honey." Positive energy can breed positive results.

Lesson eleven stresses the importance of concise accurate thinking where one focuses only on the facts and taps into the analytical part of the brain.

Lesson twelve emphasizes the importance of concentration. To achieve any goal one needs unbridled concentration and utter focus.

Lesson thirteen stresses that cooperation is a key ingredient to organization and beneficial to goal attainment.

Lesson fourteen teaches us that failure can have a good side as well that you can learn from your mistakes and constantly evolve. There are no failures just minor setbacks.

Lesson fifteen emphasizes the necessity of tolerance, as one's judgment can greatly blind them to new possibilities.

And finally lesson sixteen is a well-known rule to all that states that you should always do for others as you would want them to do to you.

If you follow these lessons and fully utilize the law of success then a brighter future is sure to follow.

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