"The LAW of SUCCESS requires that the Law of Attraction be accompanied by the Law of Inner Alignment and the Law of Right Action!" ~ Troyann

Are you in complete harmony with all components of the Law of Success?

Law of Attraction
There's much more to creating success than just using the Law of Attraction. Yes, it is true that you must be able to see and feel yourself living easily and naturally within your desired success as if you are already there, however there are two additional laws you must also master.

Law of Inner Alignment
This law is about clearing up what I refer to as "the thoughts BEHIND the thoughts" (and sometimes it's "the thoughts BEHIND the thoughts, BEHIND the thoughts"). If you have a desire for a specific success but you harbor inner feelings of fear or unworthiness, those negative thoughts and feelings will put up a great big barrier between you and your ability to attract your success.

Law of Right Action
To create your success you must also master the Law of RIGHT Action. This means that you are doing the work that will actually create your success. So if you are in sales, cleaning off your desk, doing research and hanging out on Facebook is NEVER going to give you the same results as picking up the phone and making appointment setting phone calls. In other words, if you want to win the lottery, you must buy a ticket.

You most likely already know which of these rules you may be breaking. When I work with a coaching client they almost always can tell me if they have competing feelings and beliefs of not deserving the very success they seek. They also know - for the most part - what tasks and behaviors are required for creating their desired success and they typically know which of those tasks and behaviors they dance around.

If you recognize that you are breaking any of these laws, you must do the work to clear away the barriers so you can easily and naturally attract your desired success.

Here's to your great Success!

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Troyann Williams is a Breakthrough Coach for the Break Free University, and specializes in helping people break free from self sabotage behaviors and barriers. Please visit ==>> http://selfsabotagebehavior.com for Free Guides on Recognizing and Breaking Free from Self Sabotage.