What do I mean by Higher Mind Functioning? The only way you can really categorize something is to place it within a larger framework of ideas. If there's higher mind functioning, what would it mean to be functioning from a lower state? Thoughts from a "lower mind" can often be interpreted literally. These are thoughts pertaining to surviving a dangerous situation, and these thoughts usually come from a part of the brain that lies farther away from your frontal lobe. Functioning from a level of surviving would involve a life-or-death situation such as fighting for your life, or finding food because you're starving.

The urge to survive physically and mentally comes before almost anything else, except perhaps a mother's urge to save her child's life. In a way, surviving is what we do best; it's what humans are wired for. Expanding your mind, living happily, improving yourself, none of these things are relevant when you're functioning from the level of surviving. Sounds yucky, doesn't it? A Law of Attraction Coach can act as an unbiased listener will assist you in seeing your weaknesses and negative patterns that are difficult to see.

So where are you on the spectrum of lower to higher levels of brain functioning? Say you turn on a news station; most news shows examples of people functioning from a lower mind. On occasion, we see a human interest story which involves higher mind expression. Which one do you express most of your days? You're either having an experience and reacting to a circumstance or event. Or, you're observing and consciously choosing how you'll focus your attention on that event.

One activity is a knee-jerk reaction, the lower mind. The more conscious you are of what your mind is doing, the more easily you can choose to function from a higher level. Whichever level of mind you operate out of the Law of Attraction is acting on. Many focus almost always on negativity The Law of Attraction is the unbiased law of the Universe that will always send you more experiences that are similar to what you already focus on, even unconsciously. The very nature of being an animal is to be on guard for anything that would hurt us or our tribe. You have to take a hard look at yourself and your thoughts to truly change how you want to think. The best way to access your higher self is to embrace compassion and love and release resistance to feeling those emotions. The Law of Attraction is always giving you what you want because to the Universe what you want is what your free will compels you to muse on. Thinking from a higher place in your mind is exactly where you were meant to be, in a state of pure love and unity. We are in fact direct channels to the divine energy that is underlying our entire experience and Universe. Condition your higher mind with thoughts of freedom, expansion, beauty, and generosity and the the Universal Law of Attraction say "Yes" to that.

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