(Q1) I have been learning all about the Law of Attraction for the last 4 months and everything has changed for me for the better, all except my financial reality... In my head I'm wealthy and can feel that but I suppose because I am out of work as the month comes to an end the panic sets in as I know bills are due... So my question is this... How would you deal with having to speak with companies on the phone who you owe money to and not speak about your reality ( not being able to pay them )... I can ignore really well in everyday situations and make a point not to talk or think about lack but I know I will have to say I can't pay these companies and that's not the story I want to tell!!!

(Q2) Why is it that as much as I believe whole heartedly, and knowing fullly and completely the power of intentions and belief, that I still have struggle in my life... I try to be as good as I can be, yet I live in constant survival, Im very grateful for all that I have, and all that is around me, I talk to myself and my children all the time about trusting in the great beautiful love that is within and without, and magic does happen to me and us, and the world, yet, I dont want to list all the broken, dsyfunctions in my life, because it brings me down, and I cant do that, I have to remain posative always... but they are there, Ive been asking for help for a long time, and it has not come still... so I dont think you can help me, but Im a very happy person, I live in constant walk of compassion, kindness, and love towards others... I know im deeply loved, because I can feel it, I just dont understand for all the right things I do why is there hardship, for anyone for that matter... why cant life be a bit easier...

(A) Thank you for these two great questions I know how you both feel I have been there myself, thinking that I was doing everything right and focusing on the positive but not getting the results that I wanted. I discovered the idea that we create our reality 30 years ago and have been working with it ever since. In that time I have only proven to myself over and over again that I am in complete control of what happens in my life. I don't always get the results that I want but I realise that is just contrast showing me what I don't want and therefore what I do want.

The more that I focus on what I do want rather than what I don't want the more what I want becomes reality. The first thing to understand is that at the basis of the universe is a stream of well-being and we are either pinching it off or allowing it, but it is up to us what we attract into our lives. I know that it seems like we are being positive when what is really happening is we are still focusing on what is happening right now and what we don't want, which is clear from both your messages.

I realise it is hard not to focus on what's happening at the time. Our job is to find a way to focus on what we want for the majority of time, so sure there are times where you have to deal with it upfront but you have both been practising these thoughts for a while now so it will take some work to change that thinking.

Being aware of how you feel is the easiest way to recognise what your point of attraction is right now. So if you feel good you are attracting what you want into your life if you feel bad which I guess you do when you when you're thinking about what is going wrong in your lives you will attract more of what you don't want. So finding a way to feel better is what is necessary moment to moment. You can't go from feeling really bad to feeling really good straight off you need to work up to it and using the emotional guidance scale in Abraham Hicks work will help you do that.

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