When people choose to let go of addictive patterns or behaviors they often are successful in doing this using their personal willpower. They set a conscious intention and then terminate the behavior.

This may work successfully for many, but for others it is not enough to consciously put effort into intentions when their own subconscious mind is shut down to allowing such new actions. Since Law of Attraction magnetizes and attracts more of the vibration put out via the body and mind, if that is coming from the subconscious mind and electro-magnetic field, then no positive intentions from the conscious mind will be able to over-ride the heavier energetics underlying the behavior.

In many cases where self-sabotage continues to contain and hold people back in addictions, health conditions, states of mind, one might wonder why the Law of Attraction “is not working”. Well, we know that, like gravity, LOA always works, so this is a clue to look deeper at what LOA is magnetizing.  I have encountered many clients who hold inner subconscious beliefs that it is dangerous to make any changes, they will die if they revisit the pain they are covering up with their addictive behavior, they don’t deserve to have a good life without the addiction or condition, they don’t deserve to have health or wealth or love, and even many who have a subconscious belief that God doesn’t want them to change or live a good life.

Willpower alone cannot dislodge the negative emotional energy stuck in a person’s electro-magnetic field which may be holding limiting beliefs and causing addictive behavior. And, as long as heavy or negative emotional vibrations are held in the subconscious with limiting beliefs, Law of Attraction will automatically keep attracting more of the negativity and limitation rather than what the conscious mind intends and clearly asks for.

During the last twenty-five years I have utilized many energy therapy modalities, and the meridian-based modalities are the ones that seem to make the most dramatic changes to easily and painlessly clear away underlying negative attractors so that then Law of Attraction can attract what the people consciously most desire… rather than what is running in the background of their subconscious. Classical acupuncture, acupressure, and the newer meridian tapping techniques all work to clear out the hidden saboteurs from the subconscious… without any negative side effects!

I personally benefitted through using acupuncture in the 1980’s, and saw great changes in my own personality and self-esteem after just a couple of months of weekly visits to a practitioner. I have practiced Neuro Emotional Technique/ NET as a trained facilitator since 1995 with great success, and when I desired a tool I could use on myself I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique/ EFT which is becoming more accepted and popularly used by many coaches, physicians, therapists. My own practice now incorporates a blend of these latter two potent modalities which I label Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique/ N- EFT. I currently work with clients who present with cancer, auto-immune disorders, post traumatic stress, chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia, depression, addictions, trauma, loss, dark night of the soul, financial anxiety, re-occurring negative cycles, among other things.

Although many people have wonderful success giving up an addictive habit such as smoking, drinking, drugs, other, often these addictions transfer to some other kind of addictive behavior in the life of the addict. When one “cover-up” addiction is terminated, then often there is a transfer to another addiction. This is because addicts are driven from the inside - out. Addictions cover up a sense of inner angst, anxiety, fear, clawing in the pit of the stomach. This inner agitation is what activates LOA to attract more addiction and contain a person in the same vicious life cycle without hope of escape. There is no such thing as an “addictive personality” – there is always an underlying cause, and the emotional energetic must be cleared from the energetic field around the body in order to allow an addict to be free to drop the addictive behavior and create the life he or she most desires.

I hope this information is helpful for better understanding of how the cause of addictions must be cleared in order to provide freedom from future addictions and transference to new addictions. While most people can clear bad habits easily, for those who have deep-seated causes for their addictions, an approach to clear subconscious blockages is required in order to successfully let go of addictive behavior.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is an energy psychologist and success coach with extensive experience in corporate management, training, consulting, and facilitating energy clearing using N- EFT, (Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique), a combination of NET and EFT. To learn more about how to start clearing your inner resistance, blockages, and pain you may download a free Introduction to EFT  recording that will walk you through all of the necessary steps. Anne supports clients world-wide by guiding their conscious life and business transformation, wellness, and clearing of emotional trauma via coaching sessions or through her EFT Coaching Tips.