Everything is made up of energy. The Universe attracts energy of the same frequency. While the Law of Attraction is important to understand, there are other laws as well that can help you transform yourself to a higher level of consciousness. These two other laws are called the Law of Association and the Law of Repetition. If you find the process of self-realization strenuous, or if you simply want to more easily change how you think a Law of Attraction Coach can be hugely effective in helping you see your unconscious beliefs and patterns of negativity that can keep you from real manifesting.

The first law has to do with the way people take in information. This is the Law of Association. We already know how to associate the new information with already wired synaptic connections.

The more active and malleable a neuron network is, the easier it is for a new connections to be formed within that established net. If someone uses a word you don't know, your brain draws a blank at first for the definition. Even though you may not know what it is, your brain is automatically using context clues and perhaps associating other words with similar roots with that unknown word. When you're given more information about the actual definition of the word, your brain can place that word in a better context within the language it knows and uses. Our brains recognize patterns using the Law of Association and place them within in a larger context that makes sense to us.

As we grow and want to grow to higher levels of consciousness and happiness, our brain constantly uses old patterns of thinking and association. This can make it very difficult for say, embracing a completely new paradigm of thinking. Let's say it's time for a quarterly meeting with your boss or time for a holiday family visit. Our brains automatically search for information within the mind similar to what the brain is consciously focused on or thinking about. This is the default setting going to work now. Our brains are already off searching for solutions to potential problems, a trait inherent to our survival. However, in the context of a family gathering or business meeting, survival instincts are not usually needed. All this emotional turmoil usually occurs before anything actually happens, and most of the time events play out much less dramatically than your mind can imagine.

A Law of Attraction Coach can act as an unbiased listener that can assist you in seeing your blindspots and habitual negativity that are difficult to see.

What if you actually realize what's going on in your head, do you have the power to change? Notice, shift and think about how we WANT it to go and start flowing our attention and intentions toward that outcome - now we're consciously and deliberately creating.

The moment we consciously choose to think a different way, we are making fresh pathways in our neural nets that. Using this method of creating and recreating our consciousness, we move towards where we want to be. You CAN take control of your brain and feel the way you want to feel. Find an experienced Law of Attraction Coach or expert of neurology technologies to support you in your development of becoming an active creator.

When you have a better understanding of the brain's inner workings, you have a better chance to develop a skill set that can enable you to make lasting changes in your brain. The only way we can move to a higher level is to know how our minds work. Knowing how to rewire is the second step.

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Nanette Geiger is a Law of Attraction Coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery. More helpful resources and information at her site:

Nanette's new course, Breakthrough to Abundance Blueprint, uses Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and the Law of Attraction to provide you with cutting-edge tools to evolve your mind.