With so many resources that the universe gives, we can be completely happy and live a fulfilled life.

How can this be true? Far fetched dreams like owning millions of dollars, driving fancy cars, and dating beautiful women are all nice to have, but lets be real.

Discover the Forgotten Laws of Abundance

But guess what? Not everyone wants these fancy things. Some love the peace and quiet of a suburb area, while others need to be around thousands of people daily in the city. One person may wish to be a millionaire that owns a profitable company, while an overworked CEO may want to give it all up and live a simple life meditating with monks in a monastery. A waiter might want to change the scenery and become something else, while an accountant who punches numbers, might want to punch dough and become a baker.

Everyone has a unique perspective in regards to their idea of happiness. There are so many ways in which you can truly have a great life.

The secret to the law of abundance is to focus on what you desire with positive emotion and enthusiasm. Remember that there is no limit to what the universe can offer to you. And if you focus on lack and scarcity, then due to the law of abundance, you will also be able to experience this as well (kind of ironic, I know).

Apply affirmations when focusing on your thoughts. Embrace the law of abundance by reading the following.

Everyone month, I earn $x amount.
The things that make me happy, I earn $x amount.
By being free, I do X.
X makes me love having freedom.
* I am so happy and grateful now that I have/can X.
I am allowed to achieve anything I really want because the universe is an abundant place.

The best way to use these affirmations is to read them every night before you go to bed. Don't skim them. Get into being excited and happy. What will help cement your thinking is by combining affirmations with emotions because it will speed up with which everything will fall into place.

Put them where you will see them often. Maybe near your computer monitor, the mirror in your bathroom, or in your car. By seeing them daily, it will start to sink in more and more.

By applying the law of abundance, you can get whatever you want into your life. The universe offers whatever it is you really want out of life. Make the effort to keep your thoughts on abundance. Stay positive in your quest to change your life because the universe is in your hands.

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