Simply put, the law of abundance states that whatever a person thinks about or talks about comes to fruition. The history behind this comes from both philosophy and science in Plato’s time, and the thought was that an attractive force would be drawn to another attractive force. A good way to think about this is how a magnet is drawn to metal. Although different theories have further been studied in both chemistry and physics, the general rule remains the same. When looking at the power of positive thought, it is clear that having a good mindset is key to attracting what you want.

The law of abundance can be used for many different areas of life. Some use it to improve their financial situation, others use it to improve their relationships, and still others use it to help improve their health. The important thing to remember when beginning to use the law of abundance is that it isn’t instantaneous. If you wake up one day and begin saying to yourself how much you need money, the money won’t just appear. The thoughts or sayings need to be positive in nature, and they take time. It is thought that the law of abundance works by sending out a signal or vibration to the universe (by words or thoughts) and that the universe acts somewhat like a mirror and sends those signals back to you in various forms.

Many people feel it is important to write down a list of whatever it is they may want. This is done to make it explicitly clear what it is a person wants, and also to learn what kind of language a person is using. A person could say, “I’m broke and need more money.” However, the universe might answer with Yes, you are broke and DO need more money! This isn’t what most people want. A better way to say this for the law of abundance could be, “I desire to be financially independent and I open my doors to ways of making and creating more money.” As with many things it takes time and repeating these positive affirmations before a person may see results.

When a person does finally see the first result of their positive affirmations, it can be a really great feeling. The important thing is to remember to also be thankful for getting what it is you wanted. Many people believe the universe loves gratitude, and what better way to get more of what you want than to show appreciation for what you have already received?

It is also notable that the law of abundance is more than just wishing for material things in life. Although wishing for these things is normal, it is also important to understand the value of wanting spiritual things as well.

If a person thinks on a global level and how they can impact society, there are some wishes that may change. That new material possession you want, a big fancy car perhaps, may not seem quite as necessary when you think about someone having to walk miles everyday just to get clean, fresh water. You may begin to realize you want that but could put your money to better use by getting something less and spreading your wealth around or by investing and putting the money to other uses. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t want a big new fancy car, it is just being aware of what you truly desire. If anyone was asked what 10 things they could have for free right now, many would likely say a new car. But if people stop and truly give time and energy into knowing what they want, many times those material things change. It’s okay if they stay the same, but the idea is to be certain of your wishes and desires.

Using the law of abundance should be a positive experience. Remaining upbeat and focused on your goals is paramount. When you begin to believe the universe is full of abundance and that you merely need to channel the right kind of energy, most things will come your way. There are those who believe that if you don’t get what you desire, you still need to learn something in that area. For example, if you desire great wealth but spend your money foolishly, it may take time for you to adjust your thoughts on money. Give time and patience towards your efforts, and be reflective of the things that are occurring in your life, and you will soon become the recipient of great things through the law of abundance.

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