In this wonderful 2010,the new things is more and more popular.2010 FIFA World Cup bring so many shock to everyone.And then our dress and shoes also have some new trendy.Different time popular different style shoes dress.Now I will introduce 2010 the latest popular shoes style design.

One color and with:
1, the overall tone is bright and the dark, brilliant and light, yin yang and the combination of.
2, on the one hand is the happy face strong colors: golden, orange, red, emerald green, light blue, etc.; the other uses of moderate bright colors: pink and purple, rose red, blue and so on.
3, multi-color with bright colors to add a large area under the matte color combination of dark, focused recommend metallic gold and silver represented.

Second, materials and decoration:

1, the new technology of nike shox nz leather processing, printing, sand wash or shrink.
2, shiny and made of plastic material, with a patina, or varnish. The surface of natural materials, patent leather or he Liang Pi.
3, diamond, and Liang Pi's embellishment is still popular, but biased in favor of gorgeous colors.
4, the use of indigenous-specific materials, such as jewelry, shells, amulets, hard stone, emerald, malachite, and accompanied by natural leather or woven fabrics, full of wild and exotic.

Third, shape and design:

1, women's mbt chaussures shoe last gradually became popular square head.
2, floating lines, lyrical and light, but also gives the fluctuation of pleasure.
3, wild fusion, super-flat with, or high-heeled rough bottom. Slowing and elevation, and carefully polished.
4, sandals and summer shoes barrel, flash cowboy nike shox r4 shoes, short waist buckskin shoes and a very flat soft shoes.
5, focusing on research and design of comfort, perfectly captures the casual nature.

Fourth, creation and inspiration:

1, the integration of ancient and art off of the historical background, and perhaps Africa's unique indigenous characteristics of the original style of Notes in fashion.
2, focusing on changes in patterns of lines and geometric shapes tn requin with the use of interior design, kinematics, the use of optical art, dynamic and rich texture.
3, from a deep understanding of the content of the beauty of fashion lines and contours, and some were completely new interpretation.According to abouve article information,you must have an idea to choose yourself suit shoes and fashion new trendy style footwear.

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