Today’s busy lifestyles make it very hard for people to find a moment to disengage from daily frantic activity and find some meditation or reconnection time, a time to regroup or reintegrate one’s energies.

However, Spirit has found the perfect solution to this problem: if it is efficiency you are after and since time is such a precious commodity, why not using your sleep as a tool to refocus and complement the growth you experience during your wake time?

I don’t know about you, but for a long time now my dreams have become epic battles; busy and exciting adventures where anything is possible.

It is not just that they are lively, to put it mildly. These are 3-D episodes, with the brightest of colours, vivid and memorable events, spoken in several languages, with feelings and emotions so intense and discussions so crystal clear that they feel more authentic than real life!
Even when I find myself patting a whale on the head or swimming deep into the sea with a polar bear alongside me, or when a shark jumps out of the water to make me aware of its presence (and hence deliver its symbolic message) I don’t feel that anything extraordinary is going on. It is obvious that the laws governing dream time have nothing in common with the laws of nature we are so familiar with in the wake time of our daily lives.

When the dreams are good, I feel sad to wake up. Especially when I have been flying or doing something exciting, out of the ordinary. But in those instances when the dreams are scary or challenging, it is great to wake up and feel the relief as the realisation sinks in that I don’t have to negotiate those incredibly difficult circumstances.

Normally, I can recall the whole dream. Sometimes, I wake up and fall asleep several times during the night, only to keep going back into the previous unfinished dream (something like dreaming in chapters) until I reach a conclusion. Other times, I only recall part of the dream: that part that seems to be important or carries the message in it.


There are especial times in life when we go through changes which are more drastic, intense or unsettling than usual. This is when Spirit seems to have chosen a way to talk to me by giving me 3 dreams in a row: one per night in 3 consecutive nights.

These sets of 3 dreams seem to be a way for Spirit to give me confirmation on what is going on in my life, on the cycle that is just finished and the one that is just starting.

Another thing that happens to me on a regular basis is that for every cycle of growth I undergo, when the cycle comes to an end, I feel a total withdrawal of energy, a sense of exhaustion, a void.

This is the time when something is changing so deeply within my cellular structure or within the inner dimensions of my existence that externally it feels as:

a) Physical exhaustion, even when I don’t do much activity. In fact, I normally find myself lying down not being able to move my body, even my limbs. My energies are engaged at a deeper level and I must wait for the restructuring of my spiritual matrix to be done before I can feel the return or tide of energy coming back into my physical life.

b) My work and social life is at an ebb: clients leave or cancel their appointments, no new job offers are received, there is no movement in terms of engaging in groups, meeting friends or gathering with others, etc. It is as if my energy is flat at all levels. It is at these times when my dreams are hectic.

c) My Spiritual vision is blurred: I hear or see no signs from Spirit the vast majority of the time. They just don’t seem to be there. I can describe the feeling of being abandoned, which I know it is not true, so I hang on until the signs return and somehow the ground under my feet becomes more solid (the return of normality, if there is such a thing!).

The one general basic feeling common in these situations is that I feel powerless to make things happen. I experience events as nothing happening my way. And although this can be very disheartening and unsettling, I have learnt to cooperate with these ebbs of energy by not expecting things to happen, by not struggling, by not forcing doors to open which are meant to be closed.

I have learnt that when the signs of tide start coming back, I will be shifted to a new level of existence with more clarity and harmony, new people (friends and business colleagues), new spiritual gifts (awareness, sensitivity, consciousness) and more marketing tools (Spirit will guide me to a specific website or publisher or organisation).

After a long time of trial and error, I have finally learnt to cooperate with the ebb cycles of my life in a way that honour me: I work on getting ready for the next tide (e.g. studying new subjects, clearing the past, doing energy healing, completing unfinished tasks…). I do feel a loss of control and uncertainty but I can also foresee the excitement of knowing that I will be launched to a new level of personal success, which I myself could have not orchestrated without Spirit’s larger overview of all the possibilities and potentials waiting to be fulfilled in my future.

This is exactly where I am now, so last week I had three of these dreams:

1. In the first dream, my husband, daughter and myself were at home (wherever that home was). It was a grey place and very dusty. We were packing up as we had been told that we had to leave for Denmark, the last doorway to reach the openings between the dimensions that were about to be closed. The last door to make the transition.

We were supposed to reach a ferry that night, as it was the last night. I remember vividly that while my husband was absent minded, I was considering what to put in a suitcase: it had to be things that we would certainly use, only the essential, as there was no room for anything superfluous. And I was worried because I had only such a little space to put whatever we were going to need most.

2. The second night I had a dream in which I spent the whole time taking exams and I was told that I passed. There were no flying colours or any mention of how well or not so well I did. I was just told that I could move on or continue, that I had passed. I guess Spirit was only interested in yes or no kind of scenario.

The whole thing was bizarre because there was such a detachment from emotion: as if Spirit was only interested in the facts alone, or as if there was some kind of necessary rush and no ceremony attached to it.
This is exactly the opposite of what Spirit normally does as Spirit normally celebrates every shift or new level of growth that I achieve.

3. The third dream was about a member of my husband’s family who finally, after a few years of being stuck in a specific mind-set, agreed to accept that was right. There was definitely healing in the air and this was to show that my whole life was indeed shifting to a new level of energy, of love, of harmony.


Part of this clearance or ending of a cycle is shown as physical cleaning of your environment: for the last two months I have been furiously clearing my wardrobes and giving everything away. Yes, everything!

Around once a year I give away, recycle or throw away a few things at a time, but this time I was really digging deep and throwing away anything that had a feeling of inadequacy, be it its colour, its shape, its style, the memories that it brings to me or how it makes me feel.
The conclusion is that if these items don’t fully represent who I am today, then they have to go! (I haven’t told my husband or he would have a heart attack!).

I am also focusing on upgrading, upgrading, upgrading: my 7-year old mobile phone which died on me. My laptop, about to die on me too after a couple of resuscitations where I had to get the hard drive replaced and swap Internet Security providers.

Carpets, blinds, bedding, towels… and in the process of replacing the outmoded energies, I am bringing into my life more colour: the whole brown and cream neutral appearance of my home now has splashes of orange, green, magenta and deep red here and there as in towels for the bathroom or pillows and cushions.

I am also mending, altering, upgrading or discarding the clothes that have been in my sewing bag for many months now. Literally, putting my house in order.

There is a level of ruthlessness or should I call it, emotional detachment. As if a feeling of efficiency and utility or practicality has taken over what used to be a mushy-feeling of I better hold on to this item as I may need it in the future or I am not sure whether I should discard this item even though I haven’t used it for years and my wardrobes are full to the brim…

And this brings to mind my first dream: it is obvious that I know, completely and beyond the shadow of a doubt, what I need to pack in that empty suitcase to go to Denmark, to cross the threshold! (energetically speaking).

But in the process of clearing my wardrobes, two things came up for me.

First, I thought that I needed to replace my whole wardrobe as it used to be the case in the past whenever I transitioned to a new stage of growth. Instead, I bought a couple of pairs of trousers and colourful trendy jumpers and I felt that this filled my wardrobe to the necessary level. What a pleasure! What a relief! A couple of touches here and there were making the difference while before I had to uproot the whole system. I believed this was because my grounding had been stable for many years and I was just giving detail to my life. The centre was balanced and strong.

When did this happen? Normally I would need to go on a shopping spree and spend lots of money, come back home with lots of bags just to feel that I still needed to buy more stuff, that I hadn’t bought enough, that I was missing something.

However this time I felt that what I bought was enough.

What a feeling of completion! It was as if my energy was not leaking any more, as if that feeling of void or vacuum was not there anymore.

When did this area of my life heal? Not bad for someone who used to be a shop-coholic!

The second thing that came up for me was the fact that I needed to add a feminine touch to the way I dress: for so many years I have been struggling with what I wear: when I was younger I could never feel comfortable in the clothes that I chose.

I would mix colours and styles that wouldn’t go together, or in fact, I would over-match them to compensate for the lack of balance that I felt when I wore them. As a result, I always looked colour-coordinated but I felt trapped in the clothes.

In order to avoid mixing the wrong clothes together, I created a strict dress code in my wardrobe (an area for work, an area for casual, dark colours on the left, bright colours on the right…) so that all I would have to do was to grab a set of clothes hanging together and not having to think what I felt like wearing that day. It was safe and efficient. But it was devoid of feeling or self-expression.

I hated the feeling of being out of synch if I did decide to get creative as it was guaranteed that I would get something wrong: I had no idea of who I was and how to represent myself.

The other thing is that all my work suits were very male: tailored, grey or black, straight lines or one colour. That was in my power dressing days. And for the days I wanted to feel more feminine, I would try to wear something feminine-looking, which would make it worse as I would feel girly and uncomfortable all day!

It seemed to me that the impetus of clearing my wardrobe this time might have come from finally knowing, intuitively, suddenly, what I wanted to wear, what I felt like wearing! I finally found the clothes that represented me, the style and the colours.

It seemed as if something had settled at an energetic level. Like my third dream, something had healed. And this hadn’t required replacing my existing items of clothing in masse but a process of clearing, on-goingly, ruthlessly, over a period of time. All the odd bits, the detail… until clarity had come to me.

And in this last shopping trip it all came together! I was very clear on what to choose, what colours and styles. I suddenly felt comfortable with the feminine touch I added in the way of heels, a flower here or a touch of colour there. I finally felt free as I could creatively mix shapes and colours in a way that was not over-coordinated, yet felt together.

To my overall level of maleness of my general style, I needed to add something feminine, all brought naturally into a wonderful feeling of balance. But how or when did this happen?


Two days after the shopping trip I had a session with my voice coach. A wonderful session, yet again, in which we went into a guided meditation where I was asked to follow my breath in a specific manner.

But before we started, we were discussing the fact that when I was young I used to lose my voice on a regular basis. My mum used to put a cloth with alcohol around my neck throughout the night, which seemed to bring my voice back by the morning. “How old were you?” my coach asked. “About 12”, I responded.

It was the time when I turned from a softly spoken, quiet child into a rebel teenager, almost overnight. The time when something inside me clicked, the beginning of my life-long quest to claim my personal power and which fought the existing authority figure at the time: my father.

When we went into the meditation, the breath was going inwards smoothly up to my navel area. It was there when I started to shake. It felt as a car that is bump-starting but can’t get a flow, a rhythm. It was as if the energy or the breath wasn’t able to flow across that area of my body.
I continued to follow my breath and after a short little while, I saw a stick of ice coming out of my mouth (etherically through my third eye). It was of about 15 to 20 cms long and 3 to 4 cms wide.

Suddenly, my throat felt warmer and I could see my throat chakra turning red and starting to spin. Afterwards it turned blue-green and started to cool down.

When we started the meditation, I felt really cold! I was frozen! My coach had to put two blankets on top of me. When the meditation finished, my body started to warm up and for the first time in a long time I felt heat reaching my feet, which are normally quite cold.

Then there was emotion and tears (obviously some of the old stuck energy had been dislodged as the energy went into motion – and did its work).

“What was all this about?” I wondered.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that I had gone shopping just a couple of days before, I wouldn’t have got it: it was my feminine side trying to be recognized and reclaim its rightful place in my energy system.

I realised that those years of clothing confusion were the result of having suppressed or stabbed my feminine side and literally froze it in time, at the age of 12, in order to be able to aggressively meet the challenges presented in my life: the male, controlling mentality that I found at home represented by my father figure and later on in the working environment, with the same male energy represented by my bosses.

But now, free of those environments, finally my feminine side felt free and happy to claim its place in my psyche. Now I could proudly display a hand-sewn butterfly that I created with beads and silver threat on my jeans, and wear heels, because I choose to, without feeling embarrassingly girly.

And how did I make this shift?

What started this healing was the shifting of my focus onto the present gift or the gift of the present time around last year (August 2009): what they call being grateful on what you already have.

This shifted me into gathering more of my personal power by learning to open my heart to receive. By starting to focus on the feeling of appreciation, not just the thought of appreciation, the doors of energy flow really opened for me!


In “The Great Shift”, Martine Vallée tells us that “All is in perfect order as we approach the point of our acceleration out of the density and into the light”.

Two days ago I was talking to a friend and I went into some kind of fast-speed, time travelling: suddenly I felt a sense of panic, as if I was losing grip with Earth time. And this is happening to me on a very regular basis, more and more every month.

This is why I am happy to not having a permanent job (as somebody’s mantra said: I am certain in the uncertainty) and to earn my money going with the flow: I don’t want to get stuck into a job which its regular requirements of time and space. I need to feel free to drive and travel these time warps without any worry of consequences of not being able to meet Earth appointments. It is obvious that I am running on Universal-law and not (only) on man-made law. It is as if I am driving the vehicle of my life in two parallel roads, one foot on each side, as if it were.

I can also explain it as if I am developing an inner timing, which is able to stay in synch with the energies around and inside me (including multidimensional energies that I so much feel these days). I feel like an Spiritual lone-ranger who pops-in into earth just to keep check that I am still grounded on reality; then, before my very eyes and seemingly without any control, I speed off into another time and dimension, fast as a lightening, only to come back again, sometimes several times in a row!

It makes me feel quite unsettled, but I realise that this is training for what is to come or simply, I am already stepping into that ferry in Denmark already on the way to the 5th dimension, dimension of light. And maybe this is why I also feel very light these days (light as if in weightless; in fact, I have lost weight!).

A day later after this meeting, I received an SMS from a client reminding me that we were meeting in half an hour for a workshop. I called my client back and laughed, telling him that he had lost track of time and to make a little note in the palm of his hand, as I usually do, when there is something small and urgent that I must keep in mind… when in fact it was me who was totally lost in time! It was so embarrassing!

As it happened, it wasn’t convenient for either of us to meet that day and we postponed it for the following week, but the feeling of time jumping in front of me and not being able to exert any control over it was puzzling!
“The Great Shift” is a book in which Martinee Vallée has gathered channelled information. Among the beings represented in the book, there is a group called “The Hathors”, who tell us the following:

“To alter the quantum field through the power of your focus in an important ability we urge you to master […] Use this ability to hold focus or attention, joined with the emotion of appreciation or gratitude. These two emotions have a coherent effect on your energy field and on the rhythmic magnetic emanations of your physical heart”.

So here we are, jumping into the multi-dimensional time warps but being told that the only way to ground oneself is through feelings of appreciation and gratitude. I have been doing this for quite some time but it is obvious that they are asking me to sharpen this skill or tune it up some more.
It follows that “the generation of ecstatic states of consciousness is an important evolutionary catalyst. We strongly suggest that you learn to create states of ecstasy throughout the day”, which I have noticed to be doing. I am not sure if I generate this feeling, or if I stop a few times during my daily busy schedule and then the feeling finds me every time I stop the rush, like a plateau of sanity and inner peace.

In fact, “it is not the thought of appreciation or gratitude but, rather, the emotion […] Only feeling is capable of activating the energy vortices within you: […] cellular ecstasy”[…]“This is very positive and creates powerful harmonic patterns that bring you into resonance with the waveforms of accelerated evolution that are flowing through your galaxy”.

“Do not underestimate the powers of this technique. Though it is very simple, it is profound and effective. It will bring you into a higher state of resonance and vibration. And this is, from our perspective, crucial in order to pass through the energetic portals and transformational energies that your Earth is now experiencing and will continue to experience”. The Ferry in Denmark!

Can this quote bring this story into a nicer closed loop? The energetic portals is what my dream was talking about! The feeling of gratitude I started to focus on August 2009 is the road to cellular ecstasy! And the whole thing I am experiencing is the waveforms of accelerated evolution that are flowing through our galaxy! All coming together!

Isn’t it wonderful when we can find confirmation to what we are experiencing, helping us to make sense out of the crazy and sometimes inexplicable spiritual experiences that we undergo every day? It is my increased awareness that when we look for our voice, we are actually looking for the blueprint that is our soul. The voice is only but one way to express the quality and potential of that energy.

And although I know I am on the right track, I also know that I still have a great amount of work ahead of me before I do reach that depth. But with every layer that I unravel, my whole world comes into a new level of synchronization and integration, which is translated into great rewards in terms of balance, joy, happiness and success. So as far as I am concerned, it is worth it.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Ana Garcia has a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Sciences (PhD), has a Master’s degree in Education and Languages, is a Coach-U graduated Life and Business Coach and holds a DTM award (Distinguished Toastmaster) given by Toastmasters International on the fields of communication and leadership. Dr. Ana is a Reiki Master and works in the field of Integration of Consciousness and Human Potential, focusing on the development of Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) and Energy Management. She is a published author and her passion is to inspire others to claim their own power, clarify their dreams and create strategies to succeed.