Losing weight has always had the spotlight but now with health awareness and body consciousness the need to lose weight has gone completely off the charts! There are a million ways to lose weight, but only a few of them get the spotlight due to one burning reason – time. Fast food, fast content and fast life have pushed the process of weight loss into the same genre where people wish to lose all the weight they have gained in years in just a few months or even days.

As any typical demand and supply chain, the internet and weight loss centres are now adapting various methods that ensure Weight Loss in a shockingly short period. This could excite a lot of weight loss aspirants but would also lead to dangerous health conditions. The right amount of weight to be lost in a week is a maximum of 0.9 kilos, anything more than that is considered unhealthy unless it the first week of your diet or weight loss regime.

Losing fat is the key

A lot of times weight loss is said to be synonymous to losing fat as it is the ideal way to do so. There are two different types of weight loss – fat loss and muscle loss. Fat loss will fetch you compliments like – “WOW! You look so fit and are glowing, how did you lose all this weight?” on the other hand muscle loss will get you comments like – “Why do you look so thin, were you sick?”. It is almost impossible to lose fat in an extremely short span as it takes both consistency and effort.

The secret to keeping the weight at bay is to boost one’s metabolism as it not just keeps one healthy but also keeps the body’s fat burning capacity at a high. Loss Weight too fast might lead to lowering of metabolism and can also lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Losing weight in a healthy way and pace is much more fun and also meditative. Hence, it is always best to go the natural way. Slow and steady wins the race, right? This article will hopefully shed light on the dangers of losing weight fast. Awareness if the key to choosing the right option and with this information you will definitely do so!

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