The number of offers and sales messages that promise you success online do not seem to correlate with the actual number of people that are experiencing success on the internet. The reason is because the key to your success lies within you, not in some course or business opportunity.

So what is the key to your success online?

It starts with your interests. I know this sounds like a cliche. "Follow your passions and the money will come." Well here are three reasons that this is especially true on the internet.

1. Content- The internet is made up of tons of content consisting of articles, blogs, videos, etc. Search engines operate based on content.

If you are not involved in a subject that you are not passionate about, it will be more than a job trying to create useful, original content about that topic.

As a matter of fact, if you pick a subject that you are not only passionate about, but experienced and knowledgeable about also, it will be even easier for you to create content.

Sure you may be able to make some money with rehashed or rewritten information, but if your content is both unique and useful to your target market, it will do more for your personal brand.

2. You will have a strong advantage over your competiton- There are millions of websites about any given topic on the internet. That is a lot of competition.

If the "value" and information that you provide to people who visit you on the internet is not original, then they probably will not come back.

The gurus in any niche all lead with their own products and/or content, and then they supplement their main thing by being an affiliate or a distributor of other companies products.

When you provide your own unique value to a chosen marketplace, then no one can really compete with that. Your customers will not be able to find your main product, YOU, anywhere else.

3. Your quit factor- Few people have the incredible amount of perseverance that it takes to be successful when confronted with repeated failures.

Most people will eventually reach a threshold where they have lost enough money or failed enough times to quit. If you love what you do that threshold will be much higher.

Fifty cent loved making gansta rap, and he focused on that excessively, even after getting shot nine times.

Mark Zuckerberg obsessed over programming the best social network and getting traffic to his site, even while he was a broke college student.

J.K. Rowling wrote fantasy stories all day long, even while she was on welfare.

These are just three modern day examples of people in three completely unrelated industries (niches) who started with little means and are now filthy rich.

They all focused obsessively on one thing that they were both passionate about, and naturally good at. In doing so they provided an incredible amount of value to their respective marketplaces.

Napoleon Hill wrote about how he saw this same thing in the super successful people of his day.

The opposite is being unfocused and chasing the money.

What are you both naturally good at, and passionate about? What comes easily for you? How can you provide incredible value to your marketplace by doing what you do?

Much Success,

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Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach

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