Do you wish he was in love with you? Are you obsessed about it to the point of thinking about praying or using telepathic powers to get some answers? Don't panic, there ARE ways to find out if he's in love without blatantly asking him! Here are the signs you should look for :

1. How far from now is he looking at?

This is a great subtle tool. In the conversations you're having, check if he seems to dodge any allusion to longer term commitment with you. Does he seem uncomfortable in talking about plans and dreams for the months and years to come? Also, you shouldn't take remarks like "I just want us to concentrate on right now" too lightly because it might display a desire to turn you into a simple fling rather than a love story.

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2. Is it a one-way or a two-way street?

A relationship is a link where benefits and support go back and forth. Do you feel like that's the case? Or do you feel like he's only around you for his own benefit and well-being? A lot of dates and time spent with you doesn't necessarily mean that he's really involved in the relationship. Watch your conversation with more attention. Is he there for you and does he take action to support you?

3. Is he proud of hanging out with you?

He should! A guy that thinks he has found the perfect partner is usually very eager to show her to his buddies and relatives. Does he have any motives in doing the opposite? Is he trying to hide you? If you feel like that's the case, he might be just be spending time with you for other motives than love.

4. A Clear Relationship Status

This is a clue that usually doesn't lie. A man that's satisfied and in love with you will be pretty clear on what your status is, namely girlfriend/boyfriend. Why would he want to lose you? When a man keeps running around to test the market, it is fishy.


Can you trust him when it comes to making room for you in his schedule? Or do you feel more like a spontaneous filler he just calls when he's bored? Be careful when it comes to appreciating his spontaneous moves because they may in fact be done straight out of laziness or lack of care towards you. Does he keep his promises? Is he really sorry when he doesn't? Count on these clues to get the real facts.

So, looking back at these clues, how do you feel about his love towards you? Is there any? Look for gestures and look for real efforts, rather than words. Words are much easier to fake than actions.

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Even though a lot of people tend to fear the "only friends zone" when it comes to the other sex, it is actually one of the best ways to start a relationship. It is especially effective to be friends for long-term relationships, as sexual desire will only manage to fuel the first stages of a relationship, but not the more emotionally challenging ones. If that's what you're looking for, start making the switch towards friendship instead of sex.

Even if studies prove this, it is obvious even by mere observations around you that a relationship built on a friendship foundation lasts longer. This is the case simply because links that rely on sexual desire and social status tend to be broken more easily. Men often fall in this trap: they fall for a girl that's hot and make their relationship rely on that. The relationship hits a plateau pretty quickly in terms of quality.

Now, here's a tip related to that issue, and you might not like the sound of it at first: Hold off on sex to allow a stronger link to be developed. Let's just say that men are educated pretty weirdly when it comes to relationships as society makes them believe that physical connection will make or break a relationship. Therefore, they will often jump into sex way too early because they were taught that a relationship without sex was a "bad" relationship. This puts up the wall we talked about earlier that blocks any further progression in the relationship.

In reality, what really allows a man to use the words "fall in love" is the friendship he has with a girl. Focus on the connection, get to know him and things will evolve in a more healthy and genuine way. He will be in love with you in no time.

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How can you make sure a guy will fall in love with you? How can you make him addicted to you forever? Do you know what will make him pick you over any other girl? The progression towards powerful feelings and intimacy is very different in men and women, that's why our relationships can be so complicated at times. However, there are tricks you might be missing on to make men fall in love much more effectively. Check out the following advice to learn more.

The path to love leads to the same place for both men and women, but we definitely aren't taking the same road to it. Men take the long road: they get attracted physically very quickly, then they take a very long time to experience deep emotions. They are almost scared and paralyzed to the slightest risk of rejection. That's why they often put on a persona instead of displaying their soft side. They need complete confidence in the girl they're currently dating to finally open up. This is major to say the least when it comes to making a guy fall in love with you; without support and close friendship with your man, it won't happen. When he feels like you're totally into his camp, things can really progress at a faster pace than you what you've experienced before.

The next thing we need to mention is that you can't force his feelings to come out, you can only facilitate it. A man under pressure will always back off, and chances are that he will put a wall between you two that will stay forever. Facilitate him in connecting with his feelings by giving him space and time; with patience, he will tell you what you want to hear one day. Another tip related to this is that you should hold off on disclosing facts about your personal life, particularly the ones that could disturb his process to reach his emotions. This process is already hard for him, and if you make it too hard and complicated, he could very well give it all up.

If you really think about it, we are so much better off taking our advice from people that know what they're talking about in terms of modern dating. Be careful when choosing the people you go up to for relationships and dating advice. Our world is not what it once was: years ago, men always took the lead in terms of providing for the family. The woman mainly took care of children and the household. Things have changed and now we're seeing many women earning more than their male counterpart, in the same domain and jobs. This has translated into dating where they're not scared anymore to do the first move. This has not been without consequences as many men lost their sense of purpose in the whole process. Therefore, go easy on leadership, control and aggressiveness when dealing with men.

In conclusion, start by attracting guys with your appearance, personality and confidence. Then, facilitate him in making the first moves and invite you to your meeting together. Guys will always be grateful for that and they will consider that as a big favor on your part. Be independent, but without getting in the way of his masculine and dominant side. He will jump in the driver's seat and take you two forward, that is, if you don't push him in the back all the time. Like we said, the love process takes longer to happen in men. Discard some of the old dating mindsets you might hear about and face the reality that men still need to be men in today's dating world. Lastly, enjoy the whole process. It is often the road to the objective that is more fulfilling than the objective itself. Be patient, stay relaxed and he will soon be yours.

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