According to Edgar Cayce, sound is the future’s medicine. Most of the ancient cultures used what most people refer to as the magical sound power to heal various ailments. Healing with sound had almost been forgotten and abandoned in the western world until the mid 1930s when some acoustic researchers made a discovery of ultrasound and its benefits in medicine. After this discovery, there was burgeoned in research on healing with sound, and it is nowadays developing because of its effectiveness in dealing with various situations in life.

There is intense research that is going on about the ultrasound healing benefits such as shrinking of tumors and breaking up of kidney stones. The research has also led to the discovery of infrasound and other audible sound techniques, which have been proven to have great healing properties.

The healing with sound has its origins in the Australian Aboriginal people. These people used top heal muscle tears, broken bones and many other illnesses by using an enigmatic medical instrument (yidaki). On an interesting note, the sounds which the yidaki produces are very similar to those of the modern healing with sound technology. It is increasingly becoming evident that the ancient’s wisdom was based on the principles of sound healing.

The fundamental principles of healing with sound

In modern techniques of healing with sound, resonance is one of the most important principles. The term resonance has very many definitions. In the context of treating animals or people, it is described as vibration frequency, which is the most natural to particular system or organ such as lungs, liver or heart. This particular type of innate frequency is commonly referred to as prime resonance.

As a result of the metabolic processes, the cells emit sound. There is an interaction between the sounds that are produced by the cells and those which are imposed by the environment, including those which are produced by the devices for healing with sound. The principle of resonance is related to the harmonics or the absorption by cells of the sounds of healing.

In healing with sound, the principles of resonance are employed to re-harmonize those c ells which have been imprinted with frequencies that are disruptive. Those troublesome imprints could possibly have been because of pathogens, toxic substances, emotional traumas or being exposed to noise pollution for the prolonged period of time.

The principle of resonance in healing with sound and with respect to the human body is that; all the things have a certain frequency in which they naturally resonate. This is referred to as Prime Resonant Frequency (PRF). In this frequency, the objects readily absorb more energy. Each single component of the human body, including bones, organs and cells has its PRF. A whole person’s PRF is 7 to 10 Hz. The heart’s PRF is about 100Hz while that of typical human body cell is about 1000 Hz.

A lot can be said about healing with sound, but you simply need to note that it is a highly effective healing tool. It works well whether or not the individual believes in it.

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