As you ring in the New Year this year and develop resolutions to better yourself throughout 2013, consider the area of life where you spend around 1/3 of your day… your job. Finding an enjoyable job can not only bring more happiness into your life, but also make you more successful in your career. Therefore, it is crucial to being your job search internally, to find yourself, and then find a job that is right for you.

Evaluate what brings you happiness.
To find a career that you are happy in, you must reflect on past experiences and events to find what brings true joy to your life. Consider your motivators, whether it is being able to express your creativity, gaining approval from others, spending time outdoors, or even being able to control your schedule. Now employ your creativity to find jobs that incorporate this factor. By implementing this aspect in your job search, you might actually want to go into work, or at least fulfill your responsibilities easier.

Identify the specifics.
Create another list of specific things you absolutely need in a job and those that you do not want in a job. These can range from the corporate culture, timing, number of colleagues, benefits and pay, or even the dress code. This list is just for your viewing, so be honest with yourself and the little things that might influence your happiness in a job.

Envision your future.
Now it is time to focus on you future and goals. Where do you want to see yourself in your career journey? What do you want life to be like in 10 years? Answer these questions with pictures, magazine clippings, and words that represent your ideal future. Use these to create a vision board or record them in a journal. Now that you have a clear vision of your future, you will be more likely to make the right choices in life to reach your dream.

Find your uniqueness.
Dive into your inner search, and identify what makes you special. You can also use this to find jobs that you will excel in as well as to strengthen your sales pitch during the application and interview process of your job search. Being able to confidently communicate your expertise and unique traits is crucial to separating you from the competition.

Remain true to your identity.
Now that you have explored your inner self, it is crucial that you remain dedicated to yourself. Do not try to mold yourself to fit into a job, as this will only inhibit you from reaching your true happiness. Leave it to the hiring manager to decide whether you are right for the job, and instead evaluate if a job is a good fit for you.

If you have are not ready for a complete career change, but feel limited, use this guide to explore ways to grow in your current position. Ask to be included in different projects or teams that are inline with your interests, or even explore ways you can incorporate these interests in volunteer work. Whether you are just starting your job search or simply evaluating your existing career, having a clear vision of what you want in your daily life and your future is the key to achieving a career that brings you happiness.

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