How could one single solitary chicken touch my heart and make me cry with the total lesson of unconditional love that she gave, just by being Jessica.

There is no co-incidence in life just Divine timing that I was the one who recognized that she wasn't well and was chosen to share her story with you.

She was the leader of our flock of 6 rescue chickens, Jemima, Jessica, Victoria, Vivien, Juliet and Jennifer. Jemima and Jessica were the first two chickens that we took in and as I had never been in close proximity with chickens before, it took some time getting used to chickens, eg: how to pick them up and hold them.

As an animal communicator and certified VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing practitioner I was used to talking and healing dogs and cats, (human beings too!).

When I was training to be an animal communicator I was given the opportunity to connect and talk to chickens. I could hear all their thoughts, and differentiate between the different kinds of “cheeping” and “cooing” sounds and the downright squark!

The chickens lived in the “Taj Mahal” of chicken coops which had taken my husband, Martin one week to build. They were free ranged, and allowed roam around our large garden. Because of the danger of hawks either one of us would be outside with them so that they would be safe from the sudden swift downward swoop from above.

Martin, was out of town and I was on “chicken patrol”.

I noticed that Jessica was totally lethargic and uninterested in everything and stood apart of the rest of the flock. Totally out of character. I tried giving her the favorite dried mealworms which was a treat but she refused this delicacy.

The other chickens left the coop and rushed outside, but not Jessica. I picked her up and cuddled her and took her outside. I noticed that she had yellow protruding from her backside which is called “egg binding” meaning that there was an egg stuck and can also be very dangerous for chickens if it is not dealt with urgently. I knew that she should be taken to an avian vet.

Next stop was the avian vet who did a number of tests, cleaned her up, gave her calcium fluids, and a shot of antibiotics. Have you ever tried giving antibiotics to a chicken? It can be a challenge as it has to go down the right passageway in the mouth.

I was told that she should be fine now, she certainly looked fine. She spent the next two days in our kitchen in a large cage so that she could be gently introduced to the flock and that the antibiotics would have time to work.

Three weeks later Martin was out of town again. The same situation arose and I could see that Jessica was exhibiting the same behavior as before minus the egg binding.

Off to the avian vet. This time the vet couldn't give me any diagnosis and didn't want to give more antibiotics. She just received her a combination Vitamin B12 shot. Jessica look perfect and loved all the attention.

Same again, at home, kept her in the kitchen for two days. She seemed so relaxed and mellow and happy to be there. I noticed that Jemima was bonding with the two black chickens, Victoria and Vivien. I didn’t consciously think much of it at the time, but I realized with hindsight that the dynamics of the flock was changing as animals intuitively know when another animal is sick.

I had to go out to snowy Boston to take a VortexHealing Awakening class for one week. I kept asking Martin how Jessica was feeling and he told me that she was fine.

However, when I returned to Atlanta, the next day she had started to exhibit the same symptoms. It was cold here in Atlanta. There was a heating lamp in the coop. She couldn’t climb up the steps to the roost but was perched on the edge next to the two younger smaller chickens, Juliet and Jennifer. Martin put her in the roost with all her friends to keep her warm.

The next morning which was Monday, she had climbed down from the roost but was apart from the other chickens. She was lethargic and staring into space. We had to decide what to do. Martin went out to the coop. Jessica had separated herself from the flock and had already transitioned from her physical body.

I had a client who was about to arrive, but I knew I had to see Jessica. We lovingly wrapped her in a purple towel. Purple is the highest spiritual color of all. I said some Buddhist chants and spoke to the Archangels including Archangel Azrael who helps as we transition and is there to help with the grieving process.

We buried darling Jessica next to our beloved and adored dogs, Voguie and Cosmo. Jessica’s spirit soars as does Voguie and Cosmo.

Later that night, I lit a candle for Jessica and I connected in spirit with her. I thanked her for all the lessons that she had taught me about chickens. Since having chickens, I no longer ate chicken. Knowing how chickens are raised on factory farms or so called “organic humane” farms doesn’t resonate with me on a core level.

I can add that my darling Jessica was able to experience a natural passing to the other side knowing that she was loved and free.

I would share with you that I never judge other peoples’ choices, because as human beings we are all given free will. Freedom to be Free is Freeing.

I would also share that irrespective of the physical form, whether furry or feathered, four legged or two legged, all animals have feelings, experience happiness, pain, sadness fear, and show unconditional love. All animals are sentient beings. Just because we understand one species and not another does not mean that we as human beings are superior. It’s about changing the orientation that we have all grown up with from childhood. Being open to alternative ways of looking at situations without preconceived ideas or tunnel vision.

I had shared pictures of Jessica on Facebook and was amazed at the amount of Likes that she received.

I share Jessica and her story with you to let you see love in its purest form, the Jewel that was Jessica.

Author's Bio: 

Philippa Kingsley is from London, in 1996 she moved with her husband and their two English Cocker Spaniels, Voguie and Cosmo to Atlanta. She cooked all organic food for her dogs and any other dogs that happened to be around in the house at feeding time. She is a self-confessed “dogoholic”, loves cats too, plus all other companion animals and farm animals.

Philippa personally experienced the transformative power of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing with a deep seated family issue that she thought would never change. She became committed to sharing this healing process with others.

Philippa continuously takes higher levels of VortexHealing® trainings in USA and London. She has developed a diverse client base of adults, children, animals and regularly speaks publicly about VortexHealing®. She provides private VortexHealing® sessions, teaches meditation, grief healing, channeled Medium, and specializes in animal communication. She works with rescue pets, lost pets, pet grief counseling and guidance around health issues. She is also a certified member of The National Association of Public Speakers and Trainers.

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