Most golfers want to have their own custom golf clubs, and now a lot of golf stores are providing the custom golf clubs for the customers. However, speaking of of Custom golf clubs, some will think a set of very expensive and which are only for the best players golf clubs. In fact, it's a misunderstanding of custom clubs. Custom clubs are clubs deviate from the industry or manufacturer's standard configuration. For example, the industry standard for an iron set make-up is eight clubs, 3-pw. Any set make-up other than that can be considered custom. Custom golf clubs are not the same as custom fit. More typically, custom clubs mean custom fit using different combinations of shafts and grips that are fit to the player's individual characteristics. Now that what custom clubs are has been established, we will discuss some misconceptions of custom golf clubs.

When people heard of clustome clubs, they have a view that the clubs are more expensive than brand name clubs.The vast majority of the time, custom clubs will be less expensive than comparable value brand name clubs. There are several reasons that custom clubs cost less. Probably the most significant reason is the advertising costs that the brand name companies incur. Another big reason is endorsements. They pay the top players on the tours large amounts to use their brands. Advertising and endorsements are also why you don't hear a lot about custom clubs.

Secondly, custom clubs are not only for the best players." The best players all have at least some form of custom fit clubs in their bags. This doesn't mean that almost all players won't benefit from customization. The fact is that all players can get benefit from getting their clubs fit to them. Take the example of buying a new suit of clothes. You don't need to be a business person that needs a suit to make your living to get an altered suit. While there are a few people that can pick one off the rack and have it fit. Most need at least some degree of alteration. Whether you have a complete set fit and built to your swing, or just alter one or two of the club's specifications, custom fitting will help your game and aren't just for the better players.

Last, people think that custom clubs aren't as good as brand name clubs. This is one of the most common misconceptions about custom clubs. The first reason is the fact that there are companies selling components that are inferior quality. Some of these companies make their money by selling illegal counterfeit heads or knockoffs. One company that sells low quality products makes a bad name for a lot of companies that sell products that are every bit as good as any brand name club on the market. The fact is that the reputable component companies use the same materials to the same tolerances, made in the same exact foundries. The other reason is club builders that are not professionals. These guys do not know how to properly fit a player. I prefer to call these builders "cut and glue" builders. Even if a cut and gluer uses high quality components, they may not help a player. If a player uses a golf equipment professional, they can get a set of clubs that is at least as good as a brand name, and usually better.

Many people don't have the good understanding about the custom golf clubs, however, after reading this paper you will know more about it.

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