It used to be that entrepreneurs had self-respect and their ambition was to build a legitimate online business by creating value for their clients. But in the past couple of years there has been a ton of scam websites coming online promising all these ridiculous claims about paying $10 for each referred client.

But when the person makes a lot of money from these scammers they refuse to pay up. This is how they do it; They say, " you have been approved for a payout on the next payday." Then on the next line where you put in your payout information there's a clause that States; "we would like for you to complete this short survey to let us know you are human."

Then you try to do the survey and you can never finish it because on the last part you are to perform to get the download file for you to put in your payout information, you find out the link is dead. So, you finally accept the fact that you have been scammed,

So now you begin googling the name of the company seeking for a way to contact them and, "you guessed it!" No contact information available.

These types of scams are becoming prevalent online. I have learned in my 8 years of being online that if the website has no contact information or a C.E.O. then leave it alone because 9 out of 10 times the site is a scam.

Internet marketing is much more than making money online. It's about having respect for yourself and especially for the needs of the people coming online seeking for ways they can make money so they can provide the necessities for their families.

When these complete newbies come online and get scammed by these "wolves"well you get the message I'm relaying to you. I'm writing this article on behalf of those poor souls that have had to endure the scam attacks. Maybe one day soon there will be laws that are implemented to protect people from these scammers,

I got this information while reading some of the horror stories people online were sharing about their experiences with these scams that are being perpetrated against them. I was completely blown away by some of the stories I was reading.These scammers have no regard at all for the common person trying to make an honest living online.

As entrepreneurs, we should have a strong passion to help those who are trying to get where we presently are. Remember, it wasn't long ago that we were where they were, or, I should say, where I was. I have a passionate desire to see people make it online and become successful for their families. That is what makes me happy...

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Hello, my name is James Lee and it's my solemn desire to see people succeed online. Making money online and being able to work from home is the greatest way to live. Thanks for reading my article and I hope you much success in your endeavor to make money online.