Over the last several decades a lot of research has been uncovered about intelligence. Previous ideas that intelligence was strictly a brain activity have been tempered with new perspectives. Rather than our intelligence lying solely within our head, it has recently been found that there is an important intelligence that lies within our heart. And some circles believe that heart intelligence is more impactful than head intelligence.

You have probably heard the phrase ‘follow your heart and the rest will follow’ or ‘follow your passion and the money will come’. Depending on which circles you are in the phrase may use other words but the meaning is the same. The heart will lead you to where you want to go in life. When you follow the passion that lives within your heart you have greater joy and generally things just work out for you. You have put your heart intelligence to work.

Don’t you find this to be true? If not, maybe you just haven’t connected with your heart intelligence yet. Making that connection is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Here’s some ways to connect with your heart intelligence:
1. Listen
Your heart speaks through your inner voice. Set aside time to be silent and listen to yourself. This can be done by just sitting still and listening to yourself breathe. As you focus on your breathing and get more relaxed you will be able to ‘hear’ your heart speak through thoughts, feelings, memories, visions – different people receive their intelligence in different ways. Learn to ‘listen’ to how your heart speaks to you.
2. Respect Your Passion
Your passion is reflected in your gifts and talents. What do you really love to do? Are you doing it? How often? Whatever you are passionate about is what you will be happy doing on a day to day basis. When you do this you enable your heart to create its own language. The peace and freedom that your heart will feel when it is connected to passion is the energy that drives you to success. Listen so you can find then respect your passion.
3. Trust the Process
Once you learn to receive the message from your heart and give it respect, it will be time for you to learn to trust its. I also call it your inner or intuitive voice. Most of us have times when our voice is trying to tell us to do or not to do something and we don’t trust it. Therefore we find ourselves frequently saying “I know I should have…”. How often do you say this? When you learn to accept that your heart has intelligence maybe you will accept that it communicates with you, just like your brain does. But the language of the heart is feelings, thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams. Trust the language and allow it to lead and direct you.

Sometimes the only defect within ourselves is our unwillingness to be our self. When we are connected to our heart intelligence we have the greatest opportunity to know and be our authentic self.

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