Using a colour inkjet printer for home usage or high volume printing purpose does not make sense. The inkjet printers come to printing thousands of papers in a year, then it is recommended to use mono laser printers.It is because the toner of mono laser printer can produce more quantity of print outs than ink cartridges. So, you will use an inkjet printer for heavy usage, then you will have to visit the cartridges store again and again, and it will also cost very high.

All the businessmen try their best to cut the cost as per as they can. So that if one will use a mono laser printer for printing office documents, invoices, legal documents then it will cost less than an inkjet printer.

Apart from this, printing speed is another essential need for each office. A mono laser printer can provide you with the highest rate of printing black and white documents. A mono laser printer has many features that make it more beneficial than inkjet printers.

It is not enough to know about laser printing technique. There are many more things that need a study to understand the advantages and functionality of a mono laser printer. Here you will find everything about laser printing technique.

Let's look over the fantastic and less expensive printing technology known as monochrome laser printing.

What is a mono laser printer?

A mono laser printer uses only black dry ink to print the documents. It generally used more than the colour laser printers. It can be the best choice for business as it can print the high volume of printing quickly and it costs relatively low. It may not be versatile like inkjet colour printers but remains the perfect choice for offices because colour printing is not a necessity of a professional environment.

How does a mono laser printer work?

All the printers need the printing command from computer to print the image on paper. The mono laser printing technique used a chip that translates the image on to the paper with black and white dots. It used a piece of cylindrical type equipment called drum for giving a static electric charge and exposing the laser light. When the paper moves around the drum, the toner spread dry ink on to the paper and produces the image.

Why use a mono laser printer?

There are many reasons behind the uses of mono laser printers. To get more about this, you need to know all the features of this printing technique so that we are going to discuss all the benefits and specifications of a mono laser printer.

  1. Printing speed:

Most of the time, we all see that some urgent work suddenly appears in our offices. Suppose you have to print several invoices in your office and you didn't have so much time. In this case, you need a faster printer that will help you to complete this urgency task. A mono laser printer will help you in this case.

  1. Per page cost:

Another reason behind the more popular mono laser printers is that it can provide a high volume of printouts at a low price. Most of the mono laser printers cost only 0.2 to 0.4 paisa for printing per page of black and white pages. That is affordable and cost-cutter. The mono laser printers only used a single cartridge of black and white dry ink and can produce more quantity than colour printers. So that it doesn't need to replace the toner again and again.

  1. High-quality printing:

The mono laser printers are not only beneficial for high volume printing, but it also can provide a high-quality black and white print outs. As we said, it uses dry ink cartridges called toner, that's why it never spread extra ink on to the paper, and on the printed texts never, fades. The printing quality depends on the DPI, how many dots the cartridges spread to transform the image per inch. Most of the laser printers come with high DPI resolution features. So that it offers the high-quality printouts of black and white pages.

What to look in a mono laser printer while purchasing a new one?

Here you have got all the advantages of a mono laser printer and hope you have set your mind to purchase it for your office. Therefore we are going to discuss some essential tips that you have to keep in mind before going to buy a new one.

  1. Flexible and high quantity paper handling :

It is essential to choose the printer that can handle several sheets in the input tray so that you do not have to place the sheets again and again. If the input tray couldn't handle a high quantity of sheets and you forcefully put more sheets than its ability. Then the paper will get jammed in the drums. So that chooses the mono laser printer that can handle up to 250 sheets in one time.

  1. Auto duplex printing feature :

This feature allows you to print on both sides of the sheets. You do not need to place the paper again and again for doing duplex printing. You have to set up the printing properties for duplex printing and give print command to the printer. The auto duplex mono laser printer will print automatically on both sides of sheets. This feature can save your lot of money, and it is also helpful to save trees.

  1. Paper size or type:

The office mono laser printers need to be flexible for printing on all sizes of sheets like A4, A5, legal, envelope etc. before going to purchase a mono laser printer, it is good to look for a printer that can work with various types of media.

  1. The capability of networking and internet connectivity :

If you are looking for a mono laser printer for your office use, then it is recommended to go for the printer that allows you to connect multiple computers at the same time. So, you do not need to purchase different devices for each machine. The wireless connectivity feature will ease the printing task without connecting the printer with the computer through data cable.

  1. Resolution :

The printing quality is always a necessity of each individual, whether it for office uses or home use. So that always chooses the printer that allows printing with high DPI resolution. The most top DPI 1440 will reduce the printing speed. So that still uses 640 DPI that is also a good resolution quality and never affects the printing speed.

Bottom lines!

Colours are not everything, especially in the printing task. The official documents always appear in the black and white shade. Therefore using a colour inkjet printer in your office and spending a lot of money for replacing cartridges, again and again, is not good.

Instead of colour inkjet printers, you can use mono laser printers that save your money by providing high volume printing at less cost and also your time by its massive printing speed. The other significant advantages and features of mono laser printers have been discussed above. Therefore, it is a logical choice to use this printing technique for printing thousands of papers in a year.

Hope the information given by us is sufficient to know all about mono laser printers. So don to think anymore, go to the store to purchase a mono laser printer, or you can also find the best deals on e-stores.

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You do not need to place the paper again and again for doing duplex printing.