Human magnetism can be experienced as aura of light. By itself aura pervades the entire body and like sound when it travels farther it becomes dimmer. As soon as it contacts the body this electrical flow becomes faster and hence touch sensation is most influencing. The more ones aura is brilliant closeness to such individuals influences us positively immensely. This aura could be wholesome or otherwise. Both in their own way can attack and influence others. As a result ordinarily nearby people or objects get influenced by a particular person’s aura.

This aura of light is mainly seen on our face. Around the face of photographs of demigods and angels is a sun like halo surrounding it and it is but the aura we speak of. Its flames rise in our eyes, when the tongue speaks especially emotionally even then this aura is seen to erupt as flame. The group of organs of knowledge/perception and brain’s vault of human electricity dwell in one place. Hence the face is most attractive and influential. From a gross standpoint on seeing the face others succeed in knowing and understanding a great deal. Subtle seers who can understand humans by seeing their form do so not by seeing the designing of the nose, ears etc but by analyzing the aura surrounding their faces and on its basis understand others’ inner personality.

Just akin to the face ones aura is also greatly present in our genital organs. But since in it rests chiefly the attraction for procreation hence the aura influences more attraction for youthfulness. When opposite sex people come close to each other this aura intensifies. In people of same sex this aura does not get so excited. On seeing these problems the genitals below the waist are covered by clothing. From the standpoint of electric flow even there in comparison to the face the measure is no less. But the above obstructions render it useful only for limited ends. In the married state couples benefit from it. Due to this the genitals are covered. Only for sexual contact the genitals are uncovered. If this taint were not there then this genital aura would be much more influential than the facial aura. The aura of the face is liberated from such obstructions. Whether it is good or bad it will influence nearby regions, people and during touch based contact with materials. Just as germs, bacteria etc enter one body from another in the same way this aura of light in nearby regions spreads the light of its mental and soul state.

Even an ordinary iron piece becomes magnetic on touching a magnet. In intensely talented and radiant people too human electricity overflows. Nearby people benefit from their advice, wisdom etc but the chief benefit is with reference to that aura of light which transmits its powerful potential ceaselessly and whosoever contacts it gets positively influenced and transformed immensely. Even in the holy Darshan, touching feet, sacred utterances, glance etc of great saints dwells pious results. Over here it is the brilliant divine aura of revered people that is at work. In other words this subtle existence can be called invisible personality. The visible personality is dependent on ones bodily color, form, shapeliness, designing of bodily parts etc but it cannot influence ones subtle invisible personality. Even a very dark skinned, ugly, weak and aged person can be very radiant and talented within. Externally, he/she is mocked at. Bang opposite to this a person whose external gross personality is full of beauty, youthful etc could yet be of lowly stature as far as his/her subtle inner personality is concerned. In the initial visualization by our eyes we can be deluded in understanding the real state of a person when we see his/her external form but as soon as his/her reality unfolds ones delusion vanishes and on the basis of one’s true inner nature apt gauging will take place.

Ordinarily a person’s color and external perform attracts us yet if the aura does not bear any correlation with it what one has gauged initially will prove to be erroneous. A beautiful body could be venomous from within and ugly people from the bodily standpoint could be greatly radiant within like Socrates, Ashtavakra and Gandhi. To an extent one’s bodily ugliness can be hidden using beauty treatment aids but the inner personality that is aura based cannot be veiled thus. If a person’s psyche is awakened and one possesses a subtle vision to understand another’s inner subtle personality they instead of seeing ones bodily color, beauty etc will visualize the ugliness of beauty of one’s aura based subtle personality and based on this will have faith or lack of it to that person. The reason why one wears clothes can be to ward off heat, cold and other climatic influences or it could be to deck up and beautify the body but the root cause is to veil the inner aura of one’s personality. In order to ensure that our inner energy does not get frittered away in the external world a veil in the form of clothes is used. Those sages who roam naked also are known to cover their bodies with ashes or mud. If the body is rendered totally naked one will be labeled uncivilized and uncouth. Its cause is social belief and taboo yet the spiritual cause is that when our body is rank naked it tends to fritter away its energy vibrations in high measure. Along with this such a body cannot protect itself from good/bad influences of other bodies it contacts. Sunlight influences a naked body greatly. Similarly other people’s magnetism too influences naked people much more. If you wear silken or woolen clothes you can cover your inner aura much better hence in high stature worship rituals called Purashcharans greater emphasis is laid on wearing silken clothes instead of cotton etc. Over here one more thing to be noted is that clothes made from wool got by killing sheep or silk got from killing silkworms in hot boiling water cannot be used for spiritual practices. When a sheep is killed for getting wool it wails aloud in pain and this wool if worn by a spiritual devotee can manifest in his her psyche demonic unwholesome qualities. In the coming and going of bodily electricity the potential to create obstacles dwells in such woolen or silken clothes. Thus in high stature spiritual practices such wearing of clothes would prove that much more dire.

There was a time when Indian spiritual seers successfully served in the above arena. The profound thought flow of Lord Buddha during his era inspired about 0.25 million people the world over to renounce a life of eat/drink/be merry and rank die hard materialism so as to joyfully imbibe seemingly hard to attain goals that appealed to Buddha since they overflowed with intense human electricity. Lord Ram zealously encouraged monkeys, bears etc to perform those tasks wherein at a superficial level not only there was no benefit but that instead their very life was at stake. Lord Krishna played a major role in the designing of the Mahabharat War and thus incited the substratum of the psyche of many. The Pandavas did not think it necessary to fight that war and Arjun too had no such desire yet keeping in mind the desired goal Krishna who oozed with divine soul potential insisted on creating such inciting terrific circumstances. It was Krishna who subtly aided the manifestation of divine sentiments in Gopis of Vrindavan.

Jesus Christ, Hazrat Mohmed, Lord Zorastra etc were men of strong spiritual power who induced people to walk on a wholesome path. Preachers the world over no doubt deliver flowery discourses yet those who praise their art seldom actually walk on the path spoken about by these preachers. Over here there is nothing wrong with their speech but the fact that they lack strong will power and soul potential the psyche of listeners are not inspired enough to tread the path of greatness. Naradji due to his radiant psyche and soul could positively change the life stream of others with just a little bit of advice. His disciples included Valmikiji, Prahlad, Sukanya etc who walked the path of ethics after getting duly inspired by their spiritual teacher.

During their times great spiritual seers and divinely radiant leaders like Samarth Guru Ramdas, Ramkrishna Paramhans, Vivekananda, Guru Govind Singh, Dayanand, Kabir etc have usefully inspired world humanity and induced enterprise in them to walk on the desired wholesome path. In recent Indian history we have all seen how due to Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiration so many people zestfully imbibed a sense of sacrifice, renunciation and so on to free India politically from foreign rule.

Energy is this level of activity wherein the aura of a person full of human electricity enters the personality of others with weak aura and in no time the latter start oozing with great soul potential. With reference to this one finds examples like one lit candle lighting another or the transformation of iron to gold when touched by Paras or a touchstone.

A very small form of the above divine brilliance and soul potential is human electricity. When the personality is divinely radiant this manifests as Prana Energy. Maybe externally such people do not appear radiant yet their inner divine potential is extraordinary. In comparison to material grandeur in the form of wealth, knowledge, bodily strength, weapon based might etc the above divine energy is infinitely more potent.

Infinite energy centers of this divine power or Ojas is present in ones subtle body. If only they are activated from our very bodies demigods and divinity can manifest.

Some years back a great scholar of Mumbai, India Mr. B J Rele had written a book called ‘The Vedic Gods as Figures of Biology’. In it he had proved Aditya, Varun, Agni, Marut, Mitra, Ashwini, Rudra etc described in Vedic texts are actually divine energies of the brain which on getting activated one can attain special divine capacities.

Grant Medical College’s Prof Y G Nadgir and Edgar J Toyem together had written the preface of this book and they wrote that they were astonished regarding the deep wisdom possessed by Vedic Rishis with reference to the designing of the human body. They opined that in those Vedic times where no scientific technology was available it was mind boggling how they attained such profound knowledge. Above the eye area that part of the brain is called large brain or cerebrum which is the center of divine consciousness. Over here reside Indra and Savita. The back portion of the brain is small called cerebellum and is the area of activity of Rudra demigod. The upper part of brain is Rotsi, center part of the brain is called space and lower part is earth. Rotsi is related to the flow of divine consciousness, in space is related cosmos full of galaxies etc and earth is related to material powers that work in that world. Rotsi is related to the energy of Agni, to the door of heaven or Swarga, Drona, Kalash and Ashwini.

The lower portion of Agni is called door of heaven and its lower area is called Drona Kalash. From here flow 7 river streams. Drona Kalash is filled with Soma nectar. On its basis muscle centers get required energy to function. Two networks of glands connected to the spinal cord are Ashwinikumaras. A special fluid that surrounds the periphery of the entire brain renders that entire area conscious which is called Varun. Over here is the wisdom sheath of Agni demigod. In the back portion of the brain dwells ‘temporal leave’ which is Shankhpali of ancient times. Below it are Piyush (nectar) glands also called medulla is nothing but the Vedi or dais of ashwamedha Yajnas. Ashwamedha means sanctification of the senses for which is responsible the region of nectar emitting glands.

In order to transform deep sleep into the waking state we have to get ‘heated’. As a result of intense austerities we get examples of people attaining Sidhis or Divine Powers. Behind this is the advancement of Prana principle or vital force in which lies the goal of inner personality purification. No demigod from outside comes running to help us and in fact inner radiance that ushers in due to profound penance get converted to demigod energy so that our souls ooze with divine wealth. Those possessing this grandeur and wealth get credit for rendering themselves happy and blessing others with the same too.

Yoga practices can be defined as that methodology by which human electricity dwelling in our body, mind and psyche is augmented and made wholesome use of for world wellness. It is for this end that various types of penance based practices are designed. By residing near a person overflowing with potent vital force one can benefit from his/her electrical flow in the same way as small plants, trees etc growing near sandalwood trees imbibe fragrance from it. Spiritual practices like Mauna or silence of speech, living in solitude and sexual continence have been emphasized so that instead of our electrical vault getting frittered away in vain tasks they can be rendered focused so as to use it for great tasks. It is believed that residing and contacting great people has immense benefits. Even if you do not listen to their discourses yet contact with such people especially those imbued with dim vital force can benefit a great deal. It is clear that if objects contacting fire and electricity have the power of imbibing they too become of that class.

On making efforts this gets transformed into conscious magnetism and soul power. Going ahead one gets Sidhis or divine powers associated with Yogic practices along with glories of divine grace. It is only strong soul power that can help us execute austerities, endurance and spiritual practices full of hardships. Soul radiance advanced to this stature attracts divine energies of the subtle world towards itself.

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