The more one’s bodily electricity augments to that extent one becomes more radiant, beautiful, active, zestful, full of aura and talented. The immunity power of body against diseases and brain’s subtle vision, farsightedness and wisdom is dependent on this human electricity.

Ordinarily attraction is called sweetness of one’s nature. That beauty visualized in the delicate nature of our body in it also from the standpoint of anatomy there is a special dance of electrical vibration. Special beauty is seen in someone’s eyes, lips etc and when it is analyzed principally it is proved that human electricity is at work there. When the latter decreases the body becomes dry, listless, ugly, shattered and dim in aura. The eyes are sorrowful and sadness rules the roost and on seeing this one can conclude that the vibrations of radiance have weakened a fair bit and there is a lack of desirable energy.

In order to augment blood and flesh in the body various cures are undergone. But we err by not realizing that when our digestive power and fire of hunger diminishes even our zest and potential of advancement decrease alongside it. This lack manifests as the weakness of the entire body or that of a particular organ so as to render man ill and diseased. In illnesses bacteria and germs are identified. Their presence is not the cause but merely a symptom. Just as in a lifeless human body flesh germs multiply in the same way whenever electricity of the body diminishes there in the half dead body lowly germs, bacteria, viruses etc set up their homes and multiply alarmingly. If the body possesses apt measure of heat and electricity then its intense brilliance any alien particle, germs etc cannot remain alive. In fact at such times if the body is attacked by foreign bacteria etc they are burnt to ashes. When desirable amounts of Prana dwell in the human body extraordinary feats can be executed.

Anatomists opine that ordinarily when someone is pronounced dead even at that time he or she is not fully dead. After blood circulation stops the body stops total function only after 5 minutes. Hence with the help of artificial respiration the almost dead person is sometimes brought back to life via recommencement of heart’s pumping. Death takes place step by step wherein first the brain dies and then the rest of the organs follow suit. At the very end our hair and nails also die. At the time of the French Revolution a revolting person’s head was cut off. In official government documents there is a record of the fact that for quite some time after the head was cut off its lips and mouth moved in such a way as though it was trying to convey something. In ancient times when battles were fought with swords the cut off heads of soldiers would fall off and yet the lower half of the body would get up and wave the sword in its hands. In the same way the cut off heads were also seen to bob up and down. This proves that even after legal death life for sometime in certain ways dwells in the dead pronounced body. This existence that continues to function post death too is called aura of light by spiritualists.

The same holds true for clothes and other objects of utility value. Men of either good or bad character leave their imprint or influence on objects they have used with more attachment and liking. If a person gets rosaries, sandals, clothes etc used by truly great saints and sages they benefit from the saint’s divine influence present in these gifts. The same importance dwells in objects like pen, watch, finger ring, buttons etc of great saintly people. A tooth of Lord Buddha is stored sacredly in Sri Lanka. In a mosque of Kashmir one can see the hair of Hazrat Mohmed being stored sacredly. Even bodily parts like hair, nails of great saints are full of importance. Using these as a medium Tantriks carry out wholesome or vile rituals and deeds.

Ones personality is deeply influenced by the body’s aura. Generally it is created due to the practice, efforts and psychic imprints of innumerable past lives. And yet if man uses his/her independent consciousness this aura can be transformed too. The ordinary laymen of the world act and imbibe a character that is based on the already possessed aura from past lives. But men of high stature will power via their strong power of resolve can bring about mind boggling transformations in their external and inner personalities. Then in the created aura too this great changes get reflected. In the color and vibrations of the aura changes are very tangibly visible. Socrates says: By nature I could have been a deadly murderer but with great effort I transformed myself.

Sometimes in ships due to the combined influence of the ship and sea water cold fire erupts and it can be seen shining brilliantly in various parts of the ship. On its own it is a type of electricity but one that does not harm us. No object or person gets hurt by it. People of yore called it ‘fire of Saint Alyo’ and believed that this fire was bestowing creative grace on their ships. Today it is called ‘ghost of ships’. According to scientific data ocean’s chemical content, vibrations from waves and movements of ships together create this cold fire based light and due to this subtle creation the ship gains greater strength.

In a night of intense fog surrounding stars in the sky dwells a radiant circle of white light which appears to us as an unclear blue glimpse. Sometimes during monsoons surrounding the moon too one can see a round aura of light. In engineering parlance it is called corona. Its cause is the radiation based obstruction of the high tension of those stars full of brilliant light. When water drops create an obstruction in the light energy of its step by step scientific nature then as a result this brilliant corona is seen.

In the same way surrounding the human body too is an aura of light. It consists of electric particles, magnetism, radiations and conscious energy. It can be figured out and measured too using technological apparatus. People close by can experience this aura on the basis of invisible influences that contact their body and mind. Sometimes contact with certain people very naturally induces joy, inspiration and beneficial for us whereas many whom we contact induces displeasure and pain in us. The scientific reason behind this is that aura coming out of the body of people whom we contact induces attraction or revulsion in us. The energy of people with similar personality unite together and thus amongst them cooperation and encouragement is noted. But if the personality of 2 people clash then the result is hatred, displeasure, wrath etc.

It has been seen thus that some personalities elicit friendship quite naturally amongst themselves. Despite never having known each other previously yet they feel they are long lost friends and just cannot refrain from talking to one another. Behind this natural attraction it could be a bond of a previous lifetime being rejuvenated but the direct cause is that the similar aura of both the people naturally attracts each other. In a very short time such personalities become fast friends who trust each other very greatly. On the basis of dry logic this attraction seems rank superficial emotionalism and in this haste can reside a great danger too. Yet facts are so powerful that while overcoming these possibilities fast friendship definitely gets reinstated. In the same way it has been seen that there is no rhyme or reason why we dislike a particular relative and that contact with such a one creates strife for us. Despite not finding a reason for this yet disparity continues. Under such circumstances rules a chief obstruction in the form of extraordinary disparity in the speed of vibrations of our aura. Hence poets write that if only our personalities and nature are similar will our minds unite and if not the minds will get repulsed. This nature is not merely similarity in ones food habits, wearing of clothes etc but that the cause is deeper. It can be unearthed only in the similar stature of the aura of 2 people. Undergoing discipline or flouting it results in zest or anger based on similarity or dissimilarity of the aura.

Many times in graveyards balls of smoky light or fog is seen. Even post death the aura of the dead body remains in some form or the other. When the corpse of a buried dead person rots its aura can fly around that region. Sometimes it can be seen by our eyes and sometimes passerby people can experiencing not so pleasant heart beats, hair standing on end etc. Such people yearn to run away from that place. Such experiences can be the cause of fear and suspicion yet many times even very fearless people who do not accept existence after death also experience the above and say that they have experienced some invisible movements I that vicinity.

Behind Aghor activities like performing subtle practices in graveyards, cleaning of the skull of dead people by Kapaliks and then drinking water from it lies the principle of usage of left over aura based energy of the deceased person. In Tantra practices an aspirant not only uses his/her own will power but that but that they make use of the bodily energy of others too. Hateful rites like animal sacrifice are executed to accrue benefits of such lowly stature.

The external introduction of man’s inner vital force or Prana energy can be attained by the widespread nature of the form of his/her aura, its density and magnetic radiance. Sensitive people can easily identify externally spread out inner personality of another person and can also talk about its stature. Sometimes this aura is so brilliant that it can influence regions nearby. Those who enter its periphery blissfully ‘swim’ in it.

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