The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT has huge increased popularity over the past few years. The technique was developed by Gary Craig, and was constructed upon the work of Dr. Roger Callahan called Thought Field Therapy (TFT). TFT was formed by joining ideas of quantum theory, kinesiology and acupuncture to produce a modern healing technology.

Emotional Freedom Technique Works – Here Are Some Proofs:

For all the rational brains out there, I’ve collected a short list of peer reviewed studies which attest the effects of EFT:

Elder, etc., proved the effects of EFT on maintaining weight loss in 2007;
Korber, etc., proved the effects of EFT on anxiety, pain and elevated heart rate following injury in 2002;
Wells, etc., proved the effects of EFT on phobias in 2003.

A simple quest on any search engine like Google will also reveals a bunch of studies I overlooked.

The fact is this: EFT works! And, it’s logically proven.

In my personal experience it assisted me extremely with all from a fear of heights to removing the thoughts and beliefs that hinders abundance.

How Does EFT Works

The finding on exactly how EFT works is still out. The recent notion is that distresses in the energy field cause destructive emotions which can lead to undesirable physical side effects. By selecting on several points all through the body, you can reorganize these areas, fix the energy disruption and eliminate the damaging emotions. The points used are typically the end points of countless peaks as taught in Chinese medicine.

What Are The Uses Of EFT

EFT has been confirmed to be the most effective at treating a wide range of difficulties, from physical to mental issues as well as more immaterial issues such as detrimental beliefs and thoughts.

My personal favorite use for EFT is to remove blocks to accomplishing goals and inviting abundance. It works like mystic in that respect!

In order to work on physical issues, one would need to provoke the underlying psychosomatic issues behind the physical symptom. This frequently involves asking questions such as: “If I knew what this back pain was related to, what would it be?”

You’re looking for an emotional motive behind the physical symptom. That’s where you can put EFT to work and create remarkable enhancements.

In terms of using the Emotional Freedom Technique to invite abundance, one would pick a goal and use EFT to get rid of the charge behind the undesirable thoughts and beliefs that come up. Removing the emotional charge from these thoughts makes them powerless.

To go even deeper, one could examine their worthiness and competency beliefs behind the objective. For example: “Why don’t I deserve to have x?” could be used to stimulate worthiness issues that could hinder abundance. The same could be said for beliefs around ability.

How To Do EFT

Unfortunately, EFT is much more effectively taught by demonstration, rather than explanation. In order to learn it as easily as possible, check out the video tutorial that is located on my homepage.

EFT is a wonderful tool for dealing with all types of problems from the physical to the emotional to the intellectual. It is my hope that this article has given you power to use the Emotional Freedom Technique to enhance your life.

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