There is a huge list of such greetings It is impossible to summarize the traditions and culture of Turkey in one article. It has a diversity of heritage across the country and culture varies because practices of Greek, Arabic, Armenian and Georgian have been woven in its history.

The Northeast coast of Turkey has the combination of Georgian and Turkish culture as you can see in the communities of Hemsin and Laz. However, the Southeast area reflects Arabic and Kurdish culture and the Western coast is influenced by European traditions. However, there are a few traditions that are strongly followed in Turkey. Here are some of the amazing traditions you will come across in Turkey. read about everything on the site

Common expressions and daily greetings
Turks love to celebrate the common expressions and they apply it to special and daily occasions and events.

• When a friend falls ill, their expression is GecmisOlsun which means get well soon
• When you enter a shop, they will, but the best part is that if you are visiting Turkey, you will find that locals are very relaxed around the foreigners.
If you learn a few sayings, it will earn you great respect. However, do not sweat on it because they will welcome you anyways.

The Nazarboncugu: The evil eye
It is an Islamic traditional belief that Nazarboncugu commonly known as the evil eye can affect your business, home, office, and transportation. The people in Turkey believe that it is a talisman that can ward off the evil eye. It has been featured in the Turk culture and they often recommend the travelers to buy.

Pregnancy and Childbirth
In Turkey, children are loved by the locals. When a child is born they will give him the gift of evil eye with a lot of love and gifts. Childbirth is traditional in Turkey and you have to assure that a child is born in the family as soon as you are married. They symbolize children has strength because it strengthens the family. However, if you are not ready or cannot become a mother, chances are that you will have to face a lot of gossiping.

There are many couples who like to know the sex of their children even before it is born. Couples are turning towards medical science to understand what the right time for parenthood is and how they can give their children a healthy future. After the child’s birth mothers usually stay indoors for 40 days to take extra care of their children.

Food is an important part of Turkish culture. They believe food is a gift from Allah that we should not waste. Their ladies will spend hours in the kitchen with some difficult recipes. Breakfast is regarded as the most important means of the day and it includes several healthy items like eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives as well as bread. Bread is included in other mealtimes as well because it is the staple diet of Turkey. There are some Turks who will not have a meal if there is no bread available.

Turkish Hamam
Turkey is the land of Muslims where women are not allowed to go out of their house in swim suits. They are not supposed to be naked in front of the men. This is the reason for the western public, Turkish have made special bathhouses. They like to spend time in their swimsuits on the beach and the locals have given a special treat to the people. the bathhouses are properly covered, and you can be in the private sauna if you like. You can enjoy the cold or hot water according to your requirements and no one will disturb you.

There are many other religious traditions that are followed in Turkey. They might have modernized their land, but they have not forgotten about their true values and what Islam has taught them. There are many beautiful places to visit in Turkey and the people are very hospitable. Apart from the warm greetings, they will assure that you are comfortable in the new land and will enjoy most of their time. They will assure to make you feel comfortable.
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