The answer to that question, luckily, would be no, not always.

Sometimes, people using their speaking and their singing voices in the not exactly safe and correct manner. In fact, the misuse of the human voice begins from the lower drowned position of the voice, which also results in a lower volume, and quite often in a raspy sounding voice.
In some cases, it’s just a result of the manner in which the person speaks, and there is nothing really wrong per say with the actual voice.

Unfortunately, in North American Schools, nobody teaches children and later, young adults, how to speak, i.e., how to conduct themselves (posture wise) while speaking and delivering the message, how to articulate and pronounce and announce the words clearly, and also, with the proper emphases and inflections.

If those components are not addressed, and thus, the voice is drawn deeply to the bottom of the vocal box, the person could experience an acid reflux, as in this instance, the voice could easily be burned by the gastric acid. When the doctors spot gastric acid reflux, they prescribe the chemical medication, which supposedly will cure it and moreover, will “cure” the burned vocal anatomy.

Go figure!

The truth is that the cure, most likely, will not happen, unless the voice is recovered from the depths and brought to the surface and to the required position above the vocal cords. Once the voice is lifted above the vocal cords, and being structured, placed and projected outward, the gastric acid will not be able to burn the vocal cords any longer, and thus, at least from the vocal health point-of-view, the acid reflux cure will naturally take place.

Yes, in a matter of speaking, it does fall in the category of voice repair, but not really, because if the teachers and parents would pay attention to the manner of their child/teenager’s speaking, the problem would not progress into their adulthood, and thus not only it would have kept their vocal anatomy safe, but also, their children would have grown up much more vocally coherent with respect of their speaking and their communication skills in general.

With respect of the singing voices, the problem is often the same.

If the speaking voice is, so to speak, undeveloped, the singing voice, by the law of average, will not thrive either. Therefore, I start every session, speaking or singing, with the specifically developed speech exercises, which are designed to structure, place and project the voice to its aimed destination and upon predominant design.

The mechanism which allows the human voice, speaking or singing, to work in its fullest capacity possible, WILL NOW BE INSTILLED.

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Diana Yampolsky is the one of the world's foremost specialists on the topic of the human voice and is the creator of Vocal Science, a unique and truly revolutionary accelerated vocal development technique that is trademarked with the government of Canada. It is a holistic and scientific approach to voice mechanics that enables all singers to reach their full potential in an extremely short period of time. Proven results are guaranteed in 10 hours for beginners and even less for semi-professionals and professionals.