It is important to acquire a quality bed. Sleeping on a quality bed immensely improves your physical, mental and emotional health. Gone are the times when it was thought that the most productive and hardworking people in society go to sleep very late at night and wake up very early in the morning. It is now well understood that in order to work at your best, it is important to sleep restfully for roughly eight hours each and every single day. This article shall briefly explain why it is important to acquire a quality bed and sleep on it

Long hours of doing nothing but sleeping on our beds is not just an activity reserved for the unambitious. It is an essential activity that should be factored into the timetable of even the most productive, busy and important individuals within our society. Sleeping carries out essential tasks within our brains. When we are at rest our brains are cleared of toxins that accumulate when we are awake. When we sleep our conscious minds are off, however, our brains are surprisingly very active. Our brains continue to organize our memories and forge new nerve cells whilst reaffirming other ones. When we awaken, our memories are easily retrieved and we are better able to make sense of them. We are more intelligent and coherent after awaking from a restful sleep

Yet on the other hand, health experts agree that an individual who has not slept for twenty four hours in comparable to a person that has consumed a large amount of alcohol. They are bound to make many mistakes and get involved in avoidable accidents. When we go many hours without sleeping on our beds we acquire a “sleep debt”. Sleep debt refers to the difference in the number of hours of sleep that we should be getting and the amount of sleep that we are actually getting. For example, if we are supposed to be getting a total of eight hours of sleep each day and we only get a total of four hours of sleep, we have a sleep debt of four hours. At some point in the future we will eventually have to catch up and pay the debt that we owe towards our sleep.

Whether you’re a heart surgeon who shall be performing an intense operation where someone’s life is literally in your hands or you’re an athlete who shall be competing in a grueling long distance race, the amount of time that you spend sleeping on your bed is a factor that will contribute immensely to your ability to perform successfully. The more rest you get, the better your performance will be once you awaken.

In conclusion, it is important to acquire a quality bed. You shall spend a total of roughly a third of your time on your mattress. It is the perfect partner that will carry you comfortably through the nights. A better you truly begins with a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed.

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