When you list what you want to include on your company website, you probably don’t mention white space in that category. But according to the best web design services in India, white space plays a crucial role in website design.

In fact, websites with sufficient amounts of white space experience 35-45% higher visual attention than sites cluttered with designs and content. 

Interesting, isn't it? 

So, if you want to learn why white space is so valuable and how to incorporate it into your website, continue reading the following section!

The Importance Of White Space: What India’s Top Web Design Services Has To Say!

White space typically refers to the negative spaces you see on websites. You may notice it in between text blocks, within logos and images and as wide margins on a page.

Contrary to popular belief, white spaces do not have to be actually white. It can be a gradient colour or even transparent. 

Web designers usually use white space to attract visitors’ attention, create proportion between website elements, build a perception of positivity and add depth to the design. 

Here’re the top benefits of adding white space to your company website according to India’s top web design services.

Why Use White Space In Web Design

  • Helps with skimming: The correct balance between whitespace and webpage content allows visitors to read and comprehend it quickly.
  • Reinforces brand personality: The best web design services in India suggest using whitespace to communicate brand style and personality.
  • Helps visitors focus: A clutter-free, minimally-designed website aids visitors in focusing on the goal that led them to the website.
  • Create visual hierarchy: You can use white space to enforce visual harmony, improve the site’s usability and create an organised flow.
  • Call to action: Using whitespace to highlight CTAs is a common and effective practice.

How To Utilise Whitespace In Your Website Design?

Your affordable Indian web design company can help you significantly improve your website’s appearance with these whitespace tips:

  • Use Macro And Micro Whitespace: Situated around small website elements like texts, micro white spaces increase readability. Macro white spaces are larger spaces between sections that increase visibility and improve user experience.
  • Create a visual hierarchy: Top Indian website designing companies suggest using whitespace to create a visual symmetry and highlight the most significant part of a web page. 
  • Don’t go overboard: Overusing white space on your website can make it look dull. So, when incorporating white space, ask yourself if it is too empty, if you can easily read and understand the content, if the CTA is obvious and if the white space enhances or interferes with the surrounding elements.
  • Create a whitespace around your CTA: Surrounding your CTA buttons and website forms with white space without isolating them. It will make it easy for visitors to find the buttons and forms.
  • Keep it mobile-friendly: Keep your website design mobile-friendly. Otherwise, the white space can make the content look intimidating and too long.


The best web design services in India can help you create the perfect balance between website elements and white space. It can assist you in encouraging visitors to take a specific action, make your website appear more professional and organised and invoke positive emotions in visitors.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a web designer for eCommerce and business websites from India. He specialises in creating custom web designs that perfectly sum up brand personalities and improve user experience.