Renowned Greek philosopher, Aristotle quoted -

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom!"

In our journey through life, we learn a lot of things about a lot of things. We discover new and interesting avenues, meet people, etc. and they give meaning to our life and way of living. From cradle to coffin, all we do is discover. We discover more and more about the outside world.

But is any of this useful, if we don't know the one person who matters the most? The person who has been enlisted to live this life, fight the battles, fall ever so often and rise even stronger!

Will any of it matter, if you don't know, who 'YOU' are?

People in the ancient times, knew very well the importance of knowing oneself. Whatever they achieved, they knew it was not them. It was merely the outside world. Any number of religious scriptures and ancient texts, all teach you that the most important journey, is the one you take to discover yourself. The search for yourself.

A very important fact, we often forget, is that other people seem to know a lot more about us, than we know about ourselves. They seem to notice the nuances of our character, things we didn't even know existed!

Why does that happen? Why do we not know ourselves the way others do?

The answer is simple. We've been trained or shall I say programmed to believe, that there is something out there, which is far more worthy of our attention, than we are. One pair of lenses, through which we see the world and a completely different pair, with which we view ourselves.

Knowingly or unknowingly we end up ignoring ourselves and that, is where we lose out. That is where we go blank. Ask us about the world, we could write a whole book! Ask us about ourselves and we can barely get past the resume.

So where is this whole thing going?

Good question!

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of finding yourself. And when I say finding yourself, I mean searching within you, to find out who you really are. Take this as an opportunity to meet a person, the hero of your life story -You!!.

What is Self-Search?

• The act of understanding oneself, body and mind, is known as self-search.
• Self-search is based on the principle that considers the body as the physical aspect and the mind as the non-physical or innate aspect.
• Searching oneself from the bodily aspect is quite easy. It is a tangible aspect and can be understood with a little effort.
• However, self-searching, from the mind aspect, is where the real challenge lies. Because here we deal with the realm of the unknown.
• Self-search is not about going on a pilgrimage or going into seclusion, although that works well too.
• The journey doesn't have to be a physical one. It is purely a journey within ourselves.

Importance of Self-Search

• Self-search helps us discover our purpose in life. The reason for our existence.
• It gives our life direction and helps us understand our true aim and move towards it.
• Clarity of mind can be found through self-search. All the unnecessary information gets cleared and we get to the absolute core of existence
• It helps us set our priorities. We focus on what truly matters to us.
• We see ourselves in better light. All those conflicts of the mind, where our conscience becomes an issue, get resolved.

Self-search in itself is a process, a journey. But there are three core steps that must be followed in order to complete this journey. They are

1. Self-awareness
2. Self-discovery
3. Self-actualization


Before we embark on a journey to look for what we lost, it is important to be aware of what we already have in hand. Self-awareness is basically taking account of who we are and getting a sense of what we already have.

It is the concept according to which one introduces oneself to all the things that are part of the person.


Once we have a basic understanding of who we are. We can move on and walk the path of self-discovery. This means entering the realm of new experiences and realities. The more we walk, the more we discover. Self-discovery can be the longest or the shortest journey, based on how aware you are of yourself.

Once self-discovery begins, you start preparing for the ultimate goal, which is self-actualization.

Self- actualization

The theory was famously propounded on by Abraham Maslow, the renowned psychologist, who spoke of the Hierarchy of Human Needs.

Abraham Maslow, divided human needs into 5 categories

• Basic Needs - Physiological needs like food, clothing and shelter
• Safety & Security - Safety and security for oneself and loved ones
• Love/Belonging - Need to be loved or feeling of belonging to someone.
• Esteem - Self-esteem needs. The need to feel respected, wanted or needed.
• Self-actualization - The desire to accomplish the highest of his abilities

Self-actualization, comes at a much later stage in life, for most people. It is believed to be something experienced by those, whose primary and secondary needs have been fulfilled. Now they need that extra something, to give life a purpose.

Thus, self-search is important, not only because it forms the very foundation of life, but because we all have a right, to be the best version of ourselves.

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