It is not easy to fill a sales vacancy. The sales industry is known for its high levels of staff turnover caused by a mixture of a large number of vacancies, staff constantly moving to other companies and poor performers being culled in the constant search or the next target. It can therefore be hard to fill sales vacancies.
The problem with filling sales vacancies is not only is it hard getting the right people in the first place but it also takes a lot of time out of the working day in order to place job adverts, sift through applicants CV’s and then to actually carry out interviews. Therefore many companies now opt to use a sales recruitment agency. They will do everything on your behalf. The other benefit of using these companies is that they often already have numerous well-qualified sales people on their books. This means that they can often fill your vacancies a lot faster than you can yourself.
However, sales recruitment is getting easier. Using the internet makes things a lot easier. This can make sales recruitment a lot easier. Finding applicants is only the first hurdle though. You also then have to choose who is worth putting through to the next stage. Once you have done this you will then need to carry out the task of interviewing. It is this stage that can take up the most time. Allowing for an hour per interview, it quickly adds up. Therefore it is essential that you are ruthless with your culling of CV’s and applicants in the first place. Be strict on your criteria and only put through people who are truly worthy of your company.
Sometimes it is advised that phone interviews are conducted first in sales recruitment. This quickly narrows down the number of people you have to spend time with. A phone interview typically only takes five to ten minutes but can give you a more informed view of the applicant. By conducting a phone interview you can quickly assess the tone and suitability of the applicant which can often result in more informed decisions when it comes to conducting full interviews. It can also help to build up a list of points to raise in the full interview.
Filling a sales role is often an urgent matter. For every day that you are lacking a sales person, you are losing potential business. This means that time really matters. Therefore phone interviews can really help speed things up. If you are not already implementing this method then it is strongly advised that you do. It can help you make better decisions and sift through applicants faster. It can also mean that you have more focus on getting the right person and do not waste your time on other applicants who are not suitable to go through to a full face-to-face interview.

Don’t waste any time at all and be faithful to your list of requirements.

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