So this unpleasant situation has not passed you - a criminal case was opened and you immediately needed a lawyer with criminal specialization and it doesn't matter the case, be it a shoplifting or criminal sexual conduct, you must retain an attorney when you engaged in such a situation.

Look in the search engine and you will be amazed at how many ads from lawyers promise almost 100% win in a criminal case, or that they can save you from criminal prosecution. In fact, everything is a bit wrong.

First, if a criminal case has been opened against you, you really need a criminal lawyer, but you should be very careful when choosing one. Keep in mind that taking a lawyer on the recommendation of an investigator who gives you a lawyer business card is fraught with serious consequences! In particular, the recommended counsel will never quarrel with the investigator, and will never allow himself to write a complaint about the unlawful actions of the investigator against you! Therefore, an independent specialist should protect you in a criminal case.

Second - you should not choose a criminal lawyer only focusing only on the beauty of his advertising promises. The competition in the lawyer environment is very big, everyone wants to get you as their client, someone has a financial interest, someone has a purely financial interest.

First of all, talk with the lawyer by phone, it is not necessary to go to his office immediately. If you would speak kindly, ask questions about your case - then you can already arrange a meeting. In case, for example, it's a shoplifting case, contact a Grand Rapids, Michigan shoplifting lawyer.

Then, you should give the lawyer of your choice the available materials of the criminal case - only after reading them, an honest lawyer can tell you about the prospects of your case and predict your fate.

So what should a criminal lawyer do on your side?

1. Notify the main criminal investigator that the lawyer is now your defender, provide a defense order, give the investigator his contacts. You can also write a petition, which must be submitted in writing, to exclude the possibility of forcing you to appoint an advocate "from the state" about the harm of which is written above.

2. To get acquainted with the protocols of your interrogation in a criminal case, as well as with any documents drawn up with your participation.

3. Meet you to form a position on the case.

4. Making a defense plan is essentially a “road map” of the actions of your lawyer in a criminal case.

5. Appeal the decision to institute criminal proceedings, the decision on the application of preventive measures against you - often the investigator unreasonably chooses detention or house arrest.

6. Petitioning for additional investigative actions is usually done in 90% of criminal cases because the investigator doesn’t really want to collect evidence of your innocence, and therefore lawyers have to literally “push” the investigators to collect such evidence.

7. Start conducting your own lawyer investigation - collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses. There is such a thing as a lawyer request - this is an official request that your lawyer sends to various organizations to request information, in fact, this is one of the main tools of lawyer protection. It's especially important if you looking for a Grand Rapids, Michigan criminal sexual conduct lawyer.

Remember that your future fate depends on the choice of a lawyer, so take this seriously. We recommend that you bring your relatives or friends to a meeting with a lawyer because a third, independent person will also be able to recognize fraud or incompetence in the initial conversation.

As you see, criminal defense cases are sophisticated and require lots of experience. Contact Grand Rapids, Michigan criminal defense lawyer for any required assistance.

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