This summer, without question, is unlike any of the other ones we’ve seen before. Instead of sending children away to summer camps or heading out on vacations, children are being expected to stay safe at home while sheltering in place. This can create an isolated and smaller world for those happy and excited children in your life. If you’re looking to broaden their horizons safely, why not to do in the form of a chapter book for children? Not only is it an exciting way for them to develop new skills, it also can help them enjoy a sense of adventure without having to put anyone at risk in the process. For more information please visit luciamatuonto.

Why is reading important?

Reading as educational skill itself is important in kids of any age — including into adulthood. Not only is it important for learning information and enjoying education, it also helps encourage several important facets of their developing minds at young ages. While quarantine life may be changing the way that we do a lot of things, you can still help your little one explore their sense of adventure as well as push their learning forward.

  • Reading encourages imagination and play: Children’s books are filled with vibrant descriptions that encourage visualization and imagination in young readers. Children will be able to really fire up their imagination and engage with their playful sides whether they are listening to you read, or reading themselves.
  • Reading boosts vocabulary: Reading is also great for learning new words and understanding how they are used. For boosting vocabulary and enjoying the process of learning itself, reading is one of the best activities to consider.
  • Reading is a great bonding exercise: Last but certainly not least, reading is a wonderful way for little ones to bond with their parents, and vice versa. Sharing a story and really engaging with each other as you talk about its themes and explore its visual elements is a great way for both of you to enjoy some quality time together.

Take turns reading!

You can find many children’s stories that focus on those important themes that you want children to understand: family, friendship and bravery are all common themes in chapter books for children. Zoe the Crab is a fantastic example and really helps children of all ages explore their sense of adventure on the beach while learning about these important concepts and themes with a summer vibe.

When settling down with your children to read, make sure that you take turns actually reading! You can start it off and lead your little one along as you tell them the story. Then, as them to take over and read out loud to boost their reading and comprehension skills while they narrate Zoe’s beach adventure.

There is so much fun that you and your children can have at home this summer. Even if you aren’t able to go on vacation or head to the beach like you normally would, you can live vicariously through Zoe the crab and partake in her beach adventures with her beach-based friends.

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