There are several advantages afforded the self-aware individual. With respect to their importance and value to empowering your teammates/clients, I will highlight some of those advantages in this article.

To begin with, your team will benefit from becoming self-aware by realizing that they are in charge of their own minds as well as their destinies, thus resulting in gaining your added respect and seen as having their best interest at heart. Through the practice of learned techniques obtained from you as a leader/coach, comes the knowledge of being in charge of their faculties, thus putting them in control and empowered, causing them to make decisions based on their personal insights as opposed to listening to outside sources, such as friends and family. Again, you as the leader of your team will gain more trust and admiration instead of seeming self-serving or egotistical.

While they may have good intentions, friends and family are hardly as reliable a source of decision making pertaining to someone else’s life and may guide them based on their own fears or thoughts of inadequacy. To their benefit and sometimes detriment, they cannot be held responsible. However, it should be noted that preserving the relationship from that standpoint can be of great importance.

As a self-aware individual, your teammate creates an environment within themselves that helps them in believing and relying that their decisions are the more correct ones.

In addition, the more your teammate becomes self-aware, he/she begins to rely on their insights which will cause them to enjoy more predictable outcomes based on choreographed steps taken in order to arrive at the decision making stage causing them to take confident action. In addition, the more they become used to making right decisions and knowing to a degree what the outcome will be, the more empowered they become.

Moreover, through the process of bringing pivotal life events to the surface,your teammate is more able to make better decisions having worked through, blockages that may have held them back previously. Additionally, they will acquire more confidence in themselves by way of learning that previous events were most likely out their control and therefore have no power over them in the future. This allows for a more free thinking and self-reliant individual.

Overall, the personal growth that teammates will achieve by becoming self-aware through use of self-awareness coaching can be extraordinary. The importance of promoting self-awareness to your teammates should never be underestimated as it is, by showing someone what all they are capable of based off of where they have been that will allow them to answer three of the most important questions of their lives. Those questions being; who they are, what they stand for and where they are going.

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