It’s not always easy to open up. To be raw. To be vulnerable. To let others see the real you – to let yourself see the real you. To tell it like it truly is. To let go of any pretenses. To step out without a mask. To show your soul.

And yet – what is the alternative? Living a life that isn’t truly yours. Going about your day in fear. Constantly worrying what others will say. Wondering if they will approve of you. If you will approve of you. Wondering if what you said was right or appropriate. Worrying that your words may be taken in a way that they weren’t intended. Fearful of criticism. Afraid of backlash. Anticipating the worst.

When we don’t allow our true selves to open up – we shrink inside. When we live our lives in fear of what others will think or worry that everyone won’t like us or fearful that we will be seen as different or weird or too “out there,” we die a little inside.

My husband, Dan, calls these, “little grey deaths.” And I know that we have all experienced these throughout our lives.

I made the decision a year ago that I was no longer going to live in fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of success. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of anything. I was tired of allowing my fear to control my soul – the part of me that wanted to break through and share and inspire and be free! The part of me that so desperately wanted to feel alive again.

So here I am. For the last eight months, I have shared my truest self with you (and with me) through my blog, Soul Speak. I have given you my truth. And it has been scary and enlightening at the same time. I have felt queasy after hitting “publish” on some posts. I have worried that it might be too much – too often – or too deep. When these worries pop up, I remember why I am writing this blog. We are each on a journey of self discovery. And I believe that going within and getting in touch with our higher self is essential along this path. I write with the hopes to inspire others to do the same. I write from my soul because I can’t imagine writing from anywhere else. This is me. And I know that the more “me” we all are, the more the universe lines up and life falls into place.

Let’s all agree to no longer hide from our truest selves. Let’s all agree to step into our power – to share our higher selves – our innate wisdom with the world. Let’s all agree to push past our fears and allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable. Let’s all agree to embrace each other’s rawness with love and empathy – knowing that we are all in this together. Knowing that it truly takes a brave soul to share this deeply.

I am so grateful to be able to share with you. And I am even more grateful when I hear that you are sharing yourselves with the world as well.

Let’s keep at it!

Author's Bio: 

Jodi Chapman is the author of the blog, Soul Speak; the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life; and the bestselling Soulful Journals series, co-authored with her husband, Dan Teck.