For some folks, getting to their medical appointments poses a huge challenge because they cannot drive. For others, it is a family member they have that needs some assistance when traveling to the hospital and back. This could either be a temporary or a permanent challenge but either way; it is a big impediment to the treatment and recovery of vulnerable patients. This is because the scheduled medical appointments, as well as other follow-up appointments, must be adhered to. This is where non-emergency medical transportation comes in handy.

What is NEMT?

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) refers to an alternative solution for transporting vulnerable people to their medical appointments and back home. NEMT brokers usually provide these services. The NEMT services are sometimes covered by Medicaid, but they could also be funded by local, state and other hospital programs.

A client that wishes to schedule a trip, or a loved one that is making the booking on their behalf, only have to pick the phone and tell their NEMT broker the itinerary and the broker will take care of the rest. The broker will ensure they have sorted out any special accommodations that might be required and they also take care of all other details like payment.

The role of NEMT brokers

The work of the NEMT broker is to book, qualify as well as schedule the non-emergency travels for their clients. They achieve this by using a suite of specialized non-emergency medical transportation software which allows them to match transportation requests with the most appropriate vehicle. Apart from checking the best vehicle for a request, they also look for the best routes and confirm the best schedules to ensure the client not only gets a comfortable experience but also makes it for the medical appointment on time.

It is also the responsibility of the broker to ensure any additional support the client needs are provided. For instance, they must match clients who need wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or walkers with vehicles that are roomy and specially prepared for such scenarios. The brokers also check to ensure the clients that are requesting for transport are qualified to get the service and as soon as this is confirmed, they approve and schedule their trip accordingly.

Final words

In an ideal scenario, one should have a variety of brokers to choose from. This is typically the case in highly populated areas. In cases where a broker cannot provide the scheduled trip for whatever reason, they can refer several other brokers that might be a match for the request. For instance, a broker may be unable to provide a vehicle for certain special needs, and in such a case, they will refer you to another that can. It is also the work of brokers to ensure that all the drivers are duly licensed, insured, and outfitted.

They also check to ensure that important data like the name of the rider and other important trip details are on file to facilitate payment or reimbursement.
The entire process of matching your loved one with the best vehicle according to their unique needs can be quite overwhelming. NEMT brokers make this process and everything in between very easy for vulnerable patients.

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Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur