In today’s connected corporate market, companies need to not only have a strong online presence, but also keep maintaining and enhancing it to ensure it remains visible and relevant.

One key factor that affects any website’s visibility is its search engine ranking. This has an impact on any firm’s position when someone searches for the keywords that pertain to the business’s service or product offering.

Search engine rankings can be boosted by optimising websites. This can be achieved in a number of ways, including making it suitable for all technologies, such as mobile phones, creating quality, relevant content and obtaining quality backlinks to show that the site is worth crediting and reading.

This optimisation has to change regularly and adapt around the latest updates to search engine technology. For example, Google often releases core updates to its algorithm, and these need to be understood and reflected on by firms that want to stay ahead of the competition and keep their website in prime position.

Often, these updates do not affect a lot of sites, and website owners cannot always determine exactly what has been amended, but it’s still important that firms and site owners keep up to date with these developments.

In this article, we discuss some of the reasons why these updates need to be monitored and explored by anyone who runs a website.

Why Google’s Updates Are More Important Than Those Of Other Search Engines

One of the world’s biggest search engines, Google has dominated the market since it was first introduced, and in 2019 it had an 87.96% market share. With the firm now offering a myriad of different ways for consumers to access its search engine, including creating its own phones and devising an operating system that uses its technology as its primary search solution, Google is now the most important search engine for businesses and website owners to focus on.

It Isn’t Always Necessary To Bring This Expertise In-House

Often, the biggest barrier to businesses achieving the online presence they need is a lack of knowledge, particularly if they only run a small organisation. However, the rise of expert outsourced SEO agencies means that companies can easily access the support they need. These agencies can provide businesses with the support they need to grow their online visibility and stay ahead of Google’s algorithm updates. To give you a clearer indication of what can be done, you can look to Wildfire Marketing who are an SEO agency in Leeds. . Their website features case-studies of previous work they’ve done for clients, which highlights the SEO challenges that have been faced and how their service has helped them to overcome it. Looking into agencies such as this one will help you to understand whether it is something your website can benefit from.

Businesses Need To Focus On SEO Even If Their Service Isn’t Digital

It’s easy for businesses to think that if their service isn’t digital, then they don’t need to focus on keeping their website updated and enhanced, but this is incorrect. Most consumers now use some form of online technology to search for service suppliers, meaning that companies need to be visible online as well as in their physical location. With more than 50% of websites accessed on mobile devises in 2018, it’s clear that mobile technology is the way forward, and as Google has a massive share of the mobile search market, companies need to stay one step ahead of the company’s algorithm updates to ensure they remain able to rank.

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