Being a sports enthusiast or a professional athlete without the right gears and equipment an individual cannot perform at optimum level. For every sport various gears are designed to be worn absence of which can result in injury or permanent damage to the body. Sports equipments are designed to enhance the safety level and to protect the athlete from getting injured because injury is something that can happen at any time if right gears are not worn. The same rule implies to snowboarding which might look an adventurous sports to many but there had been incidences in the past that clearly shows how this enthralling sport can suddenly turn into life threatening sport.

Safety is something that you must not overlook even if it is about wearing a gear that looks useless to you because there are obvious reasons why experts have designed it. For snowboarding enthusiast there are various equipments designed to let them enjoy their snowboarding stint. Snowboarding gears like snowboard bindings, jackets, boots, gloves, pants and the most important of all snowboarding goggles help the individual snowboard safely. Out of the above mentioned snowboarding gears the most difficult to choose is the snowboarding goggles because there is a huge variety of goggles available in the market, online ecommerce site and local shops and thus it becomes quite a difficult task to choose the right goggles and not to forget that not every individual is expert at selecting the right goggles.

Buying the wrong snowboarding goggles often result in loose fitting, incompatibility with the helmet, color of the lens going all wrong as per the weather and many more such small things that can completely spoil your snowboarding day. There are few tips that can help you ask the shop owner few questions that will help you decide which goggle to buy and which to leave.

Here are the tips that will help you justify your investment in quality snowboarding goggle:

1. Shop before you get to the mountains because buying from the mountain resort shop will cost you way too much.

2. Take your time and try as many goggles as you can in different light situations to see whether you can see clearly in natural light or dark room and there is no distortion and glares when you see at some light source.

3. Choose the right lens tint because the first thing to look in every goggle is the lens because it is the most important part of your snowboarding goggles and thus you must adhere to high standards when it comes to investing in quality snowboarding goggles because rest of the parts are either support system or fashion statement.

a. Choose the lens tint as per the weather, terrain you usually ski or ride.
b. Your lens should provide you good combination of color definition, eye fatigue protection, contrast and depth perception.
c. Visible light transmission (VLT) number like 15 percent which is a low VLT number provides less eye fatigue on bright sunny days while VLT number of 70 percent means better depth perception and color visibility in low light.

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