Before the arrival of social networks, some websites have chosen to specialize in images. Historically Picasa, in memory of Pablo Picasso was created by Idealab and acquired in 2004 by Google. The goal of the giant Mountain View was to develop in digital photography. Easy to use, the service originally allowed photo sharing online and then allowed to edit, edit and even share them on social networks. Google has since closed this structure, throwing in the face of the growing success of the Flickr image site and Pinterest launched in 2010 whose innovation merged the concepts of social networking and photo sharing. Today, Instagram is the race leader. Flickr and Pinterest still exist.

Why such an interest?

The exemplary success of image and visual sharing sites comes from the combination of real exchange sites that provide you with online tools to share your photos and the ability to store individual photos. These site launches benefited from an ideal timing: the sales of digital cameras took off with the abandonment of film to deposit at the photographer and the evolution of the phones allowing the taking of snapshots and sharing. At the same time, broadband and social networks were gaining momentum to share and interact in a collaborative, fast and fun way.

The Instagram mobile app was launched by the American Kevin Systrom and the Brazilian Michel Mike Krieger in October 2010. Acquired in 2012 by Facebook, Instagram is today the best mobile application that combines the sharing of photos and videos on his mobile and the tools of a social network. It allows you to share your photographs and videos with your network of friends, to provide a positive appreciation ("like" function) and to leave comments on the pictures posted by other users. Instagram also allows you to interact with members via the use of internal messaging called "Instagram direct".

As for Facebook, the minimum age requirement is in principle 13 years. Instagram boasts in 2018, more than 800 million users around the world, and three-quarters of users are located outside the United States of which, which is considerable, about 17 million in France! And among them, 41% are between 16 and 24 years old.

What reasons could a company push to use Instagram?
Instagram is the social media most popular among young people, attractive for its lack of unwanted advertising and specially used from the mobile which the use by young people is in very strong growth.

The brain works by the image and a video will have a more significant impact, more impacting than a long speech. Instagram allows you to publish the moment, videos and snapshots from your mobile with the principle of geolocation. Your subscribers will be able to locate you wherever you are, favoring proximity with your fans. Each of your contacts will receive your publication. The number of people reached by your publications is not limited as for Facebook whose algorithm voluntarily restricts the scope.

Sharing your corporate service or product images and behind-the-scenes videos of your activities will make it easy to share emotions with your subscribers in their day-to-day lives and grow your community. You can also use these images as communication and printing support for goodies, pins, mugs, tee-shirt ... If you already have your Facebook and Twitter pages, Instalikesfast allows the use of hashtags and the automatic import of your Facebook contacts to save time.

Instagram will allow you to communicate differently, in a more fun way with young people wishing to follow you and discover your activity. The application will allow you to take all the visuals of your website and associated photos from your region to invite your contacts to go there.

To conclude, Instagram will allow you to communicate and attract this young clientele, to share with emotion, to generate additional traffic for your site and to better locate you on a geographical plan.

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Before the arrival of social networks, some websites have chosen to specialize in images.