Knowing what you are grateful for is an important factor to happiness and success.

Being aware of everything that you have to be thankful for will help you create a positive focus. Gratefulness will help you reach your goals because you are seeing all the positive things that are happening in your life.

When you are focused on the things that make you worry, you may fall into an unproductive state, which will set you back from reaching your goals. Even obstacles in our lives make us learn and problem solve, so accept these as opportunities of personal growth.

You are responsible for your success or failures, so let’s focus on successes!

Here are ideas to help bring gratitude into your life every day:

Start a gratitude journal
Create a gratitude list
Add a statement to your power start and give thanks every morning
Read your goals each morning, then add one thing you are grateful for
Put a rock or piece of polished glass in your pocket and every time you see it or feel it, think of something you are grateful for

Realize what you have and know who you are and find ways to be thankful for everything.

Author's Bio: 

Shanna Beaman is a success mentor, teaching all aspects of goal setting, and the creator of the web-based Goals Mentor program. She is currently writing a book about goals and how to fit goal setting into busy schedules. She is the creator of two blogs and writes small posts in each frequently.

Shanna knows the power of setting goals and in following your dreams. She has encouraged others to follow their dreams by motivating and inspiring them. Shanna’s passion is sharing her knowledge and experiences with others, helping them turn their dreams into reality by reaching higher, setting goals, and taking action to achieve what many people only wish for.