Working on the Internet and in the marketing and public relations industry for the last 11 years I can say that what one puts out to promote his business says everything about his reputation and the quality of his work.

That’s why the latest updates from the search engine Google are no surprise. Those who have slapped duplicate content on their web-sites, purchases multiple sites and re-directed them or purchased spam links have been penalized. This is considered “Black Hat SEO.” Those who work well on their web-site, putting new, fresh, relevant and unique content on it got moved up in the search engines. This was not only through work on pages on a site but blog presence, press releases and even the use of social media. These are “What Hat SEO” mechanisms and are generally rewarded.

Google themselves and other high quality search engines like Yahoo, MSN and as well as Bing will generally tell you want they want so you can position in their directories. The mistake that I have found the most that people make is that they think there is “an easy way” around the rules or an immediate solution to tramp their competitors and overtake key positions under their terms in the search engines.

While I have seen this work for some temporarily, over the long haul it generally causes your site to not be able to withstand the changing Internet market. There are several tips that will help your site and allow it to become a stable foundation for you to build your business.

Tips For Good Site Positioning

The following are tips for good website positioning.

1. Research what your audience is looking for and figure out how to provide that. It is always good to make lists topics or vital needs for future site expansion too.

2. Look at keywords and what terms people are searching for and implement this into your site.

3. Invest in content as writing unique, relevant and professional content is key.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials and promote through these. One of the biggest things that potential clients look for is feedback from former clients.

5. Use your social media applications. Promoting news or new information about your business through applications like Facebook , Twitter, Google+ and other social media.

By doing these things you are not only building an audience and traffic but a good reputation.

How Do I Get The Content I Need

The only other issue that comes up with building up a site is finding the time to produce all the blogs, content pages and press releases needed to build and maintain it.

Managing social media alone can be a full time job and with the writing needs of a site, and daily production of business can be sometimes impossible to handle. My recommendation is to invest money in a professional content writing service.

I just launched one called Web Content Development which does the research for you on what your clients want, finds relevant keywords and writes the highest quality content guaranteed.

We also do blog properties, set up and manage social media and press.

The Internet is generally pretty straightforward in regards to what is needed to get a site positioning well and keep it ranking for the terms you need. The rule is to start doing these basic actions and keep doing them until you see the traffic that you need.

For more information on Web Content Development or to receive a free and no obligation consultation contact us today at 800-316-9664.

Author's Bio: 

Erica D'Arcangelo-Catton is a marketing expert with over 11 years experience with multimillion dollar business marketing.

Her current specialty is building web-site presence and traffic through web content development and professional content write services.