Now that you are a fully paid member of Dollars Want Me and you have started with our affiliate marketing system, you will be trying hard to get new members for your matrix!

You will by now have your own system for reaching out to people, and as you know we have provided a sales guide to get you off to a flying start. It is great that you are contacting people that you know, and even people that you don’t know and you are building up the confidence to sell our fantastic products to them.

However there is more to sales than just contacting a potential member, giving them the information and waiting for them to get back to you and sign up.

Affiliate marketing can often include a little more work than this, and this means following up regularly with your contacts, to;

1. Let them know you have not forgotten about them,
2. Let them know you are still alive and ready to help them with any questions

And most importantly -

3. Help them to sign up when they have decided to join.

So why is follow up so important?

Show potential Members you care – By following up, you are showing your members that you care about them and that you are there to answer any questions. It is important that you build up a rapport with possible members to make them feel welcome.

You will find out more about them – By following up with your contact, you can find out more about them, what they want and why they should be signing up.

Find out what problems they are having – You will find out if they are having problems with the system and if they have any questions that you may be able to answer. They may not contact you to ask you… and this could make the difference between them signing up and not!

Remind your customers – When you follow up with contacts, you will be refreshing the concept of your products in their minds, encouraging them to think further about the opportunity you are offering them.

Most people like a helping hand to sign up for something when it is all new to them and as we all know, we work because of teamwork!

Fact: Did you know 79% of leads are NEVER followed up!

We as a company follow up potential members 5 times on your behalf, to give you a helping hand!

So follow up could be one of the most important things you do, in order to encourage people to join
your matrix…. And remember the more people that sign up the more money each member will make!

Good Luck!

Author's Bio: 

Matthew E. Alleyne "The Results Coach" is the mastermind behind this unique concept, he is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, personal development and business coach! Matthew works with Bob Proctor from the movie "The Secret", seen by more than 300 million people and the legendary success expert Brian Tracy who has helped over 5 million people reach their goals. Matthew has been very successful in his field for more than 25 years. Matthew lives by the adage "Those who care, teach".