When you begin writing your dissertation, you will understand how research plays a very important role in the finding and collecting of relevant information. Not only the research, but it is also important to keep track of the methodology for dissertation research. In a separate chapter you will have to give all the details, telling the reader how you came about the information, and how valid it is.

Typically, while composing this section, you should consider several aspects of thesis writing. To begin with, you will first introduce your research question, issues discussed in the project, or problems that are the center of attention throughout your writing. You will have to make it very readable and easy to understand, for that you should outline and explain the research questions that you are answering in your thesis, and any other problem which became a part of your discussion.

This chapter is basically all about how you want to research for your dissertation question. Particularly, how do you prefer to do your investigation? You should allow your readers to understand each step of your investigation.

In about 200 300 words, you will be required to provide information on the method (qualitative or quantitative) you chose for your thesis research. Explain the method briefly telling the reader how this procedure is related to your research question. Also explain the tools and techniques of the procedure that you applied in finding the information relevant to your thesis.

In another paragraph you will tell the readers how this particular method was employed in your research, and how it is related to your subject. The readers will want to know everything from the way you collected your information to the way you analyzed every detail. The purpose of writing this chapter is to make the readers understand the tools you have employed in the process so that they also come to the same conclusion as you. They need to understand how you reached to the conclusion you have stated.

They will also need references to the sources of your information so that they can verify any piece of information for themselves. This will increase the credibility of your writing and will create a relationship of trust between you and the reader.

Usually, methodology chapter is the third chapter of the thesis. It comes after the introduction and the literature review, and before the conclusion chapter. The most important part of dissertation methodology section is the statements of facts.

You will have to provide certain facts or statistics, and proofs to maintain the claims you have made in the thesis. Your statistics will support your argument and the reader will be forced to believe in the genuineness of the material.

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