"An army of deer led by a lion is more powerful than an army of lions led by a deer". So I bet you are wondering, how can I be that lion? How can I have the confidence to finally become a leader? How can I exhume the confidence to achieve anything I set out to achieve? No matter who you are, what you are doing, confidence is the key. A student without confidence is bound to feel pressured and consequently his or her mind goes blank during an exam.

A businessman without confidence will not be able to close any deal as the other party will easily be able to sense his lack of confidence. You meet the girl of your dreams and you are literally speechless in front of her! Well, you get the drift. The bottom line is that confidence is the key to your success in whatever it is you set out to do!

One of the most effective ways to build confidence is to constantly be around confident people. I am sure you have heard of the saying "birds of a feather flock together". This can't be more true when it comes to a person's confidence. When you are surrounded by people who exhumes high level of confidence, you will slowly learn to become more confident without you even noticing it! I know you are wondering, I do not have much friends, how do I boost my self-esteem to have the confidence to mix around with confident people?

How do I become more confident in the first place? Surely you have heard the cliche before, 'it is all in your mind.' Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve! Therefore it is essential that you train your mind to think confidently everyday from the moment you look at the mirror while brushing your teeth. A positive remark to yourself such as 'I'm awesome!' early in the morning does wonders to your day!

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