If there is one thing we really strive for, it is building up the community around you. Humans are a lot like wildlife in nature, we behave in a very similar way. As some of us have learned in elementary school, ecosystems are essential for the development and longevity of wildlife. Without a community that surrounds that animal, the animal would not be able to live for very long; whether it's prey to a hunter or victim to hunger, there is going to come a point in its early life where it will be put in danger simply because there was no one there to help guide or protect.

We should consider ourselves to live in very much the same fashion, but of course a lot more complex. So complex in fact that it is the reason as to why we live such easier lives now, as compared to centuries or even decades ago. Most of us don't have to suffer any longer through the cruel takes of life; our problems have become mostly financial and emotional. If we want to buy milk and eggs, then we can go to the grocery store. If we want our household to be connected to the internet, then we can send someone by our place to do the wiring.

The great thing about evolving our ecosystem into something so interconnected is that we don't need to learn a particular skill anymore to accomplish a task. We can find the person needed in order to help us towards a particular goal of ours. This is much better for a couple of reasons:

1) As mentioned before, we don't need to spend our valuable time in order to fulfill an objective. Usually when we are trying to accomplish something great, it isn't enough to sit in front of a computer screen for the whole night learning. Yes, you will of course dive into the subject and learn a lot in those eight hours of your much needed rest. But it will not nearly be enough to achieve what a professional could do, which leads us to our next point.

2) If you are stuck at a plateau on the side of a mountain, don't try to climb up yourself, use leverage. Have somebody holster you up to the next step. People are there for a reason, don't use your energy inefficiently by trying to accomplish everything yourself, stick to the few things you're best at instead. There's nothing wrong with trying out new things but save those for after you accomplish your most important goals.

Observing the power of communities, we quickly begin to realize that there is no reason for us to learn everything ourselves. It lets us focus on our main goals, and gives us the opportunity to be resourceful with our connections. Unfortunately, few people seem to take advantage of situations like these; they continue to sit passively and let life guide them in some random direction, which is often never the right way, or the way they saw it in their head at least.

We need to take control of our own lives, and start surrounding ourselves with the types of people we want influencing us. Our "group", those five closest around us that we spend the most time with, and talk to, will effectively form who we become. If you want growth, surround yourself with those that are better than you, and you will prosper like you never could by yourself. But of course, as with anything positive can come negative, and we have to watch out for negative influences which will harden those types of strengths.

In the end, we have the control necessary to make important choices in life. If we are the types that wish to surround ourselves with negativity, then that is just a lifestyle we choose to live by. If we are the types that like to be pushed into growth, then we will surround ourselves with those much greater than us. It's all relative, you become who you surround yourself with, and there's really nothing more fundamental than that when it comes to a community.


We have only scratched the surface with the benefits that a community unconsciously gives us.

Think about how it would feel to become a person that over time created a very diverse network of people that were connected to you. And as you met all these people throughout the weeks, months and years of building up your community, you had the chance to learn about them, but you also were able to learn about their background, their culture, how they saw life through their eyes...

When you have an opportunity to learn about another person's life and culture, it makes you a more interesting person, because it makes you more unique. You suddenly have this wealth of information about the world that few get to witness. You can takes pieces of lifestyles and incorporate them into your own life, the way you see fit. It might not seem like much, but when you consider that most people live a lifestyle of habits that very seldom change, you find that people almost always seem to just live life unnoticed, unappreciated. Why? They chose not to stand out, and it had nothing to do with the types of clothes they wore.

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I am the creator of futuration, a site dedicated to the development and prosperity of the human mind. My beliefs are that anyone can achieve growth in what they truly desire. I am here to help change the world with those who think similar, we hope you join us.