This reluctance to do homework, particularly the math homework, is common among the school children. This reluctance may eventually lead to a lack of proper math skills of the children.

But with the implementation of common core standards, the schools will be able to change the attitude of the school students. And they will no longer feel burdened by the thought, “I wish someone would do my math homework."

The common core is recognised as a set of standards and a list of competencies or skills that the school children in the US will need to acquire. These standards emphasise on what skills will be taught, while the curriculum dictates other details like how a given skill is imparted to the students, opines the experts on math assignment help services.

What is the common core standards?
The common core standards were created by a council made up of state governors and the state heads of education. Their objective was to present a set of internationally recognised standards which would be adopted and used by every state.

Forty-two states in the US have presently adopted and integrated these standards. Most of them began the implementation in 2014-2015. The standards were said to be rigorous and are used to prepare students to compete in a global economy.

Assessment as part of the common core standards
With the implementation of this standard, most states have to maintain the process of teaching and assessing from the same set of standards. This will definitely allow those states to compare the quality of education they provide to their school students accurately.
Two consortium groups are responsible for designing the evaluations that are associated with the Common Core State Standards. The evaluation process is designed to test higher-level critical thinking skills and is almost exclusively computer-based. It is said to have written elements associated with almost every question.

Impact of the Common Core State Standards
The influence of the common core standards is significant. Experts believe that virtually every individual in the United States will be influenced in some form, whether an educator, student or community member. Each group will play a pivotal part in successfully implementing the Common Core.
However, it will be difficult to meet these rigorous standards if everyone is not doing their part. The greatest impact is that the overall quality of education extended to the students across the United States could improve exponentially.

To blame or not to blame- The pros and cons of the common core standards
As with any other argument, in case of the common core, there are two sides as well. The common core standards undoubtedly have proponents and opponents. There are a few pros and cons when discussing the Common Core Standards. Over the past several years, we have witnessed much debate over this system.

One of the merits of this system is that it will enable the states to compare standardised test results accurately, and the students will be more prepared for life after high school.

The disadvantage involves a level of high stress and anxiety for both the school personnel and the students. The standards are also observed to be broad and vague, and the overall cost of implementing the standards is expensive.

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