With all that there is on offer in this illustrious county, you have chosen BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION for your away break with good reason. You have decided to take this city on, district by district, in what each has to offer in the way of design. This is going to be a unique experience as this is a city with its own style created by the culmination of many artists. It will be interesting to see how the twentieth century style fits in with the Gothic architecture, especially when the old and new sit quietly next to each other.

You will run across places like the new innovative museums with old world first class restaurants next to them. Barcelona is rich in its Roman ruins, Gothic buildings and then along came the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi with his modernist style or Art Nouveau Style and everything changed. To get a feeling of what to expect look at the works of the twentieth century artists such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro or Antoni Tapies and of course Antoni Gaudi with each having a museum dedicated to their works.

To understand all that Barcelona has to offer you need to bisect the city district by district, taking it one step at a time. The oldest district of Barcelona is a good place to start: the Barri Gothic. Upon entering this area you will feel as though you have taken a step back in time with the narrow streets and ancient buildings lining them. There are ancient monuments here that reflect the city’s history including the cathedral and a medieval palace along with the Santa Maria del Pi Church that is easily recognizable with its octagonal tower. All this and the hunt has only begun.

If you proceed around the church you will come to the Main Square, home to buildings from the eighteenth century and most ornately designed. There is one with a large window with roses reminiscent of an entrance to a Gothic Church. Along with all these ancient buildings is the La Seu Cathedral in the Barri Gothic district as well. Another district that deserves a mention is La Ribera which was at one time a residential area but today it is home to the Gothic Church Santa Maria del Mar and it also counts among its places of interest the Picasso Museum.

Now comes the interesting part: the La Rambla district home to a modern Barcelona in all that it is, alive and full of life. All you need to get this feeling is walk down the street while taking in the street entertainers, flower vendors and its coffee shops. You soon begin to appreciate the uniqueness of the place in all its charm. To truly understand what your journey is all about the one place that is a necessity is the La Sagrada Familia. What can you say about this place that hasn’t already been said? It is breathtaking in all its beauty and an outstanding example of Gaudi’s work. It’s so beautiful that you will fall in love with the beauty and the idea of this place.

It’s unimportant but you did choose a BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION for your holiday destination. What is important is the experience that will impress you even more when you see all there is in each district. When you finish, this will become an experience dreams are made of.

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