Mobile applications are usually a long-term investment in today’s business landscape. Opting for the right development platform is therefore imperative to ensure that the app meets the expectation. Here are 5 of the best solutions for making apps with industry-grade features in a shorter span.

The significance of mobile applications in the present business scenario need not be highlighted. Whether you run a family business from your own residence or have a multinational organization, apps are essential not only for visibility but also for operational efficiency and business productivity.

A mediocre app is as good as no app, but you cannot wait for ages to launch on either. So, how you get an application built is crucial. There are a number of mobile app design platform to assist. Leveraging the right solution, you can develop highly customized applications within a fraction of time and cost. Following are some of the best options:

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an impressively intuitive mobile app designing platform with a streamlined interface. Let not its ‘drag and drop’ functionalities make you undermine its capability. You can even build custom applications using the platform.

Appy Pie offers 384 different templates, all of which are arranged in 12 different categories to make selection convenient for you. The platform integrates seamlessly with leading CMS platforms, including Joomla and WordPress. Another impressive capability of Appy Pie is that it can import content directly from your current website if you want your mobile application design to be consistent with your website.
Appy Pie offers 3 subscription plans - Basic, Gold, and Platinum.


Axure is the one-stop solution for fully interactive mobile app designing. Its no-code environment allows you to develop both mobile applications and wireframing websites even without coding knowledge, although it supports coding too. It is a fairly sophisticated platform and comes in Standard and Pro editions. Built for advanced prototyping requirement, the platform provides pre-built components for easy development. You can add some impressive features, such as interactions and master pages, to your application with the help of Axure mobile app development tool. However, the no-code environment doesn’t suit businesses with complex workflows.


HokuApps is the ‘platform of choice’ for mobile app designing for enterprises across industries. Its low-code and intuitive development environment enable even operations personnel to build enterprise applications. The platform features built-in connectors to facilitate seamless integration of your new application with your legacy systems. Besides, applications developed with HokuApps can work in synchronization with more than 500 third-party applications.

Industry-grade application security, comprehensive reporting, scalability and unified communication are but a few of its key features. Based on rapid development model, HokuApps facilitates up to 10 times faster application production. Its wide range of advanced-yet-flexible features supports custom app creation for enterprises of all sizes. HokuApps supports Android, iOS, and Windows as well, ensuring widest reach for your mobile application.


iBuildApp offers certain features that none of its competitors do. To name one, iBuildApp’s ‘Company’ subscription plan allows you to create more than 10 applications and provides extended support such as admin-level user management, automatic backup and restore additional content security and application setup services. There is also a Professional plan, which allows 500 downloads of your application, and a Business plan, which allows unlimited downloads. iBuildApp’s platform is loaded with high-end features but designing mobile apps is not as typically expected from a modern platform. It is more suitable for developing internal enterprise applications with fairly complex functionality.


IntellectSoft’s intuitive no-code mobile app development platform packs in an array of advanced features such as marketing tools and comprehensive analytics. Using IntellectSoft’s platform, you can develop custom enterprise applications of all types, including CRM, cloud, fintech, blockchain, real-time billing, and more. The platform facilitates up to 3 times faster application development and delivers up to 60% increase in budget efficiency. The features and capabilities of IntellectSoft, however, make it more suitable for large enterprises rather than startups and borderline SMBs.

Last Thoughts

These are amongst the finest mobile app development platforms in the market presently. You need to first specify your requirement exhaustively to choose the most suitable one.

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