Colours and bugs – what is the hidden connection here? There are numerous ongoing research projects on the effect of colours on bugs and insects, but they are often vague and incomplete. Most of the insects are attracted to light and other objects irrespective of the colour. But studies suggest that some considerations can come into choosing the right colour for hour household that can help deter some species of bugs. Numerous species of insects use colour to detect mates, potential predators and even the kind of food they consume. However, as most of the insects are not able to perceive colours as humans or other mammals do, it is difficult to predict their behavioural patterns in proximity to some specific colours found in the nature like red and yellow.

Light Reflective Paint

While there are millions of shades of colours in the spectrum, not all of them share similar light-reflecting properties. It is a known fact to many that ultraviolet light is a chief attractor of bugs including insects that can fly, such as beetles and moths. Some brighter colours are more reflective than others, and they attract insects far more quickly than darker, muddled shades. Bright colours like blue, yellow and orange are said to attract bees for these colours have natural properties that resemble flowers. As these colours are unable to absorb light, they reflect most of the light that touches these surfaces, making your household a prime target of insect infestation. On the other hand, painting your outside patio and deck with bright green colour and your living room walls with darker shades of blue will be able to prevent bugs from entering your household, because these colour are not registered on the UV spectrum.


While darker shades and accents may save your property from the attack of bees and beetles, they can expose your household to a different danger – mosquitoes. Mosquitoes’ visual perception works differently than other insects, and as a consequence, they can pick up colours that are outside the UV colour spectrum. If you live in a mosquito prone area, painting your house with darker shades will not help. In that case, what you need is a brighter colour like blue, yellow or white in order to repel these mighty little pests.  


In the case of flies and their perception of colours, research is definitive as it is thorough. The study states that files are the only known kind of insects that are actively repelled by some colours. A researcher from the University of Florida has found definitive pieces of evidence that fly is usually attracted to shades of blue, and are deterred by warm tones such as red and yellow. There have been more studies conducted by the researchers, and all of them have found conclusive evidence on the connection between flies and the colour blue.

Now that you know which colour is going to make your home vulnerable to pest infestation, you can contact your residential painting service in Brisbane and let them see the shade most suited for your residential property. By excluding the colours that can attract pests from your preferences, you can make your home insect-proof. Many professional residential painters in Brisbane are providing comprehensive painting solutions at an affordable rate, and it will be in your interest to obtain a quote before giving anyone the contract. This way, you can ensure adequate protection to your household and keep away stinky and disgusting bugs.

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