We all are aware that braces are the devices worn to unbend distorted teeth or cure problems in teeth like incorrect bite or wide gaps. But we usually don’t know how braces precisely accomplish this.

Braces mainly consist of 3 parts viz. archwire, bonding and brackets. All these components have their characteristic tasks and jointly they bring about leveling of teeth. Brackets are the portions which are on our teeth and bonding is the part which attaches them to our teeth. Archwire goes through the brackets. One more component of braces is rubber bands which maintain the archwire properly.

It is the function of the brackets as well as archwire to alter the location of the person’s teeth to right points so that her or his bite is cured or twisted teeth are straightened or spaces are widened or decreased between the teeth, and so on. The archwire accomplishes an essential task to help brackets to exert force on the tooth which extend it eventually on the full tooth. Orthodontist mainly makes use of the archwire to render right direction to the changing tooth. An essential incident occurs near the base of the tooth when it alters. The covering encompassing this root of tooth swells at a side and contracts at the other. This turns the tooth to be shaky in the gum. When dislocation of the tooth comes to halt, the bone encircling this covering begins increasing to provide buttress to the tooth in its newly accomplished site. Since it is moved from the gums, if it is shifted quickly it may get extracted too. Hence the mission of shifting the tooth to a new position should be brought about with slow speed. This is the reason the therapy with the braces lasts for 2 to 2 1/2 years. The alterations in the braces also are performed with a gap of three to four weeks.

The theory for all this process is the archwires have tendency to maintain their previous shape anyway and hence exert a significant amount of stress to do so. The materials of the archwire too are such that they increase in their sturdiness when they obtain the warmth of the patient’s body. The body’s warmth and the affinity of the archwire to get back to its shape of arch collectively give rise to so much toughness in the archwire that it uses adequate pressure on the teeth to move. And the doctor uses this pressure to bring your teeth in fine position.

Though this procedure is important to give the teeth fine shape or place it is not essentially the braces that bring about this alteration. Sometimes the rubber bands applied by the dentist to retain the archwire in correct place also performs an important job in producing the positive change. This is chosen by the orthodontist whether the change will be produced solely by the braces or the by the rubber bands.

When you are done with braces, you have to wear another appliance named as Retainers for 10 months. The function of the retainers is to keep the new locations of the teeth until the bones adjoining them grow perfectly well.

Therefore now because you are aware of how braces accomplish this you can better realize how to wear and be careful about your braces.

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