In the Abundance of Water the Fool is Thirsty....Bob Marley

In his song, Rat Race, Bob Marley tells us that in the abundance of water the fool is thirsty. Much of the lyrics of songs like these go unexamined but he is on the mark here. Who is the fool?

In our quest for happiness, we go looking and looking. Have we truly wondered what is happiness? Do we truly want it? – happiness, that is. Are we prepared to give up everything for it? Many people would flippantly say something like; give me Jesus, in response to what will make them happy. Or, help me Jesus, to find happiness. But beyond the oftentimes superficial statements or the repeating of happiness quotes or joy quotes, do we truly understand what is necessary to find happiness and peace?

Our success comes up empty because we misunderstand what makes for happiness. The mind has taken over and it is he or she who has more – more things, more influence, and more power - that is deemed successful. What we do not understand, until and unless we begin to awaken to our spiritual magnificence, is that all we need is right here – right now! So, while we get lost in the mind trap and we hope for peace of mind from the world of things around us, we suffer. And sometimes more means less…more things, less happiness.

So it is not surprising that many people work hard and on finding emptiness in the midst of their success they feel lost and lonely. If we have everything we need, in this moment, and still have this insatiable need for more, then clearly, in the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty. Because the world lives on hope and expectation, it is only the memories of “the good old days” and the hope of “better days” that makes a big impact.

Or, put another way, when Jesus stated that the Kingdom of God is within man, he encourages us to look within and if we can access this source right now, then in this Presence, we are still thirsty because we are ignorant of the Truth about us. And this Truth is not easily understood, mainly because the games we play with the mind, or rather, the games the mind plays with us hide us from Truth. Or maybe is a powerful distraction. But you can glimpse this Truth and you can identify that which you are by the process of spiritual awakening. The first thing is that you have to become aware.

This awareness can be developed by being conscious of what is happening around you…in this moment. To some this may seem meaningless and to others it is frustrating because you know you are not at peace and yet your doing and your success are not helping. Fortunately there are means of increasing your awareness and the rate of increase of awareness. This will be done via simple exercises and workshops to come.

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